Smoking in the Garage During Rain

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jimbo66, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. I am smoking a pork butt this weekend and it is supposed to rain. I had an idea top put the smoker in the garage, and use some 4" stove pipe to run through a Window and outside. placing it over the vent hole on top of the smoker :grilling_smilie:

    I thought to seal the window opening with plywood, and cut a 6"hole for the pipe, 1 inch all around for clearance?

    Has anyone ever tried this, have any ideas, or is this a big mistake waiting to happen?
  2. c farmer

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    Dint see why it wouldn't work.

    Do a search on here, I think some already did it
  3. I saw a post on here around 6 months ago where someone did just what you are asking except they just ran the pipe out the door.

    Smoke it up
  4. The smoke shouldn't be too hot right? It would just be a matter of exhausting the smoke....
  5. travisty

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    Ive seen several posts about this. Try searching "range hood" or "man cave". People did similar things and seems to have worked out fine. Im thinking about trying to swing a permanent setup like that in the garage once our house is finished. Would be nice to be out of the elements! The one I like best was the range hood some people had done. I think I would still run a pipe out, but a vented range hood would also save the garage from every time you open the door/ light an AMNPS (if you use one).

    If I cant convince the wife on the garage idea, ill probably thrown it in the shed, there are LOTS of posts about that too.
  6. Thanks for the reply, I'm getting anxious to try this.
  7. What kind of smoker do you have?

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  8. I have a masterbuilt electric smoker 30". I have only had it for a week, still learning about it.
    How hot does the back get? The sides are pretty cool to the touch.
  9. Hey Travisty, pardon my question, what is AMNPS?
  10. Heat won't be a problem with an electric smoker.
    An amnps is a tray that holds wood pellets to create smoke. It will burn for up to 12 hours on a single load. A lot easier than dealing with chips every 30 minutes.

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  11. Thanks Hamrhead, I'll have to check out Amazn products. It sounds interesting.
  12. lancer

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    If it's either a detached garage or the door to the house seals pretty well I'd just open the overhead door and let 'er run.

  13. nevrsummr

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    Considered doing this myself, the man I purchased my traulsen refrigerator from had done it for his business with a different smoker. He had a pellet smoker vented out his garage.

    That being said, I passed on the idea because at some point you open the doors, and I don't want the smoke in my garage.

    Best wishes
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  14. ak1

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    Why not just smoke in the garage with the door open? 
  15. tropics

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    I have my MES40 in my shed for the AMNPS is in a mailbox mod


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  16. All great ideas guys, The garage is attached to the house, so I want to keep the smoke inside to a minimum.

    I'll post some pics when I figure out what I'm going to do...
  17. mummel

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    Can you open your garage door and smoke under it?  It works, but you do get a ton of smoke inside the garage depending on how the wind is blowing. 

    I would build a chiney if possible. 
  18. chef jimmyj

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  19. hardcookin

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    Just be careful of carbon monoxide it's orderless and colorless. So you might consider putting a CO detector out there while your cooking just to be safe.
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  20. mneeley490

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    Living in the wet PNW, I smoke in the garage most of the time. I just wheel the smoker until the stack is under the eaves, and let it go. Never had a problem with smoke getting into the garage or house.

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