Smoking a small hog, help!

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Original poster
May 30, 2006
This is kinda cross posted from the game area, but I figured it might apply here?

I have scoured this site, read Rick Theads BBQ List, and have scoured everywhere for Q insight. This weekend will be my first try at something other than chicken and ribs. I will be using my neighbors offset smoker to smoke a small wild boar I shot over the weekend. It has been cleaned and dressed, split in half, just the two sides, and the thickest part is about 4". I havent weighed it but I imagine that each side weighs 35lbs. My neighbor has smoked these before, but I am thinking his math may be off. He figures 6 hours at 225. Anyway, whats your thoughts on this time?


I've never smoked a small hog, but I have smoked venison quarters and I think the temperature is about right at 225, but I think it might take more like 8 to 9 hours. Keep a check on that internal temp and keep it basted good so it don't dry out.
Kip-since this is wild game meat, you'll want to cook it to an internal temp of 170* in the thicker parts to kill off any parasites. Any pink or under cooked meat should be finished off on a grill
Thanks guys. I have been pushing for a longer time, and if its done early, it can finish in the cooler, but better done too early than too late! I'll plan on checking the temp, and maybe go ahead when the thinner parts are done, to go ahead and cut off the thicker shoulder and ham and work them on the grill. Should be good!!

Wild hog is very low in fat, I would recommend injecting. The recipe should include oil, this will help you keep it moist. I would reinject half way through the cook.
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