Smoking a Butt on Propane Grill

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by mama's smoke, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. mama's smoke

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    I've used my Weber Genesis to smoke chickens, butt I wood like to try a Pork Butt. I'm still in search of an actual smoker -- propane or electric, but I think it is too early in the season for a good selection.

    So, any suggestions for smoking a butt on a propane grill. Time? Temp? Wood chunks? Process? Wrapped? Unwrapped? I already have a great rub and a great sauce I using for butt in the oven, so I'm part way there.
  2. rbranstner

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    I have cooked butts on a BGE, my homemade propane shack and on my UDS. All of them are about the same to me. I just keep the temp in the 225-250 range and I usually figure 1.5-2 hours per lb. I don't deviate my process on any of the previous mentioned smokers. I like to foil mine but am still experimenting with when and how long I am going to foil. Last few times I foiled around 165 and took them up to 200-205 degrees then pulled them and put into the cooler but they seemed to have a bit of meat that was kind of mushy. After some suggestions and a few other members saying they had the same issue I am going to pull them at 195 next time and then put them in the cooler to rest.
  3. mr mac

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    If you can, seal up the edges of your grill to try and keep most of the heat and smoke in. There are enough holes in the bottom to keep things going. As you already know, 225* of indirect heat until the thing reaches an internal temp for slicing ( 175*) or pulling (190-205). I like to foil at around 165-170* and take it to 200* before I rest it in towels in a hot water primed cooler.

    When I was smoking in my grill I used whatever wood sounded best (though I love apple for a butt) and made foil packs and placed them on the diffuser and replaced every 45 minutes or so.


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