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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by abl1111, Jan 23, 2016.

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    Bacon, meat and fish that is.

    Hello.  I'm a 'freshman smoker' from Long Island, NY and have been dabbling in hot and cold smoking for a few years ( ever since I tasted my first smoked striped bass ).  In the beginning, I was given a 'lil chief smoker and quickly graduated to another freebie, a friend didn't want - an electric Cook Shack.

    After striped bass, I moved to blue fish - all hot smoking - delicious !, and then, I graduated to salmon, and cold smoking lox ( I made a venturi cold smoker that I still need to tweak the design to ).  I finally found a great brining recipe on the internet that has allowed me to consistently make excellent lox.

    I've done pork butt and pulled pork ( dry rub and hot smoking ).  Awesome.  And, brisket that was also insane !

    Bacon became the focus and I have made it 2-3 times, brined and cold smoked ( I've done some hot smoked too ), with the last time the best results ( although still a little too salty ) - and that's what brought me here.

    I'd like to learn to make bacon with it being less salty than Ive been able to.

    So, I've been smoking inconsistently, for 8-10 years ( kids, life, other hobbies ) and I'm hooked !  The process, flavor and end results have been very rewarding ! 
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    Welcome to SMF

    Glad to have you on board!

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