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    Doesn't matter to me.  I love my Smokin-It smokers (Model 1 and 2), and believe they are the best "bang for the buck" out there!  Apparently, no one company has bothered to patent any of their designs, so they're fair game!  I'm sure the owners of all the companies we're talking about copy a thing or two from each other..."Hey, they have better casters!," or "Hey, they have 2 handles, and we only have one!"  You get the picture.  The bottom line is a). What's the quality of the build when you receive the smoker?  b).  How good does it work?  c).  How does the company treat you with tech support, parts, warranty, etc.?

    You get the picture.  They're all great products to their respective owners/customers, I'm sure.  There are those that will "only" own a xyz-brand smoker (insert name here), and are not open-minded enough to consider anything else.  Then, there are those that have an opinion on every smoker, even though they own none of them.  So, just like those of us who took a chance on a young company, and pulled the trigger on a Smokin-It, everyone has to make up their own minds.  The size of the the SI section on this forum, and the incredible growth of the company forum, speaks volumes about SI.

    Like I said, doesn't matter who was first.  All I know is I'm a loyal "lifer" for SI.
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    Their bio says 20 years. Cant be that good if they have been in the dark for 20 years.
  3. i have an electric smoker smoking-it# 1 thats right i use electric  ... sometimes.. it is a perfect set it and forget it smoker  .. couple chunks of wood ....put the meat in cold turn om the analog settings and pull out  when IT is ready .....i use a thermoprobe!   meat is moist because of the design  no water pan needed. just a  tight little bomb of a  smoker! 
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    Nice Little Guy, Marauder![​IMG]
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    I have one just like it. In fact I just finished an eight pound Boston Butt and I swear it gets better and better with each smoke. I've been toying with the idea of making the amazen (AMNPS?) pellet tube but I am fearful of messing it up. However I do like the idea of using pellets.
  7. ive used pellets  and chips in the smoke box supplied ... line the inner  chunk tray with foil and with a pen or pencil poke smaller holes where the larger ones are ....  works.....  smokes  big  time but i still  like the idea of chunks !
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    I'm a chunk guy (and a "chunky"  With good-quality wood, like Fruitawood or Maine Grilling Woods, I've never had an issue with either not enough smoke, or not being able to get smoke at low-temp.  I use an Auber PID, and see that smoke starts rolling around 75° box temp.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it!  But, I would bet that the foil method, or the chip screen, would be great for pellets.  Me?  I get what I need from chunks, so I don't find the need to experiment with other shapes (chips or pellets). 
  9. Im a chunk guy as well.  Have the Smokin-It #2 and love it.  Like was said above I always get great quality smoke from the chunks.  Why go drilling into a damn fine smoker to use pellets? 

    oh and invest in the stand made for these boxes.....sturdy and makes it so I don't have to bend over to see inside.

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    I wish i could just have a #4 so i wouldnt have to bend over, but im just a few pennies shy.

    So not to rant, but i just have a question. Why invest $1400 into a #4 when two #3's could cover the same amount of meat for $1000.

    Likewise, the Weber 36" ranch kettle is like $2000. Why not just buy two, three, or even several of the 26" or 22" kettles for a tenth of the price.

    No offense to those who have them.
  11. Good points......not sure I have an answer for ya [​IMG]    I would pay xtra for the #4 so I didn't have a bunch of smokers on my patio. 
  12. Why a #4 rather than a couple #3's?

    Because capacity isn't the only issue for some folks.

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    Well-put, as usual, Martin!  Some folks would want the capacity without doubling the work, or the footprint.  If I had a small commercial operation, I'd be all over the #4 - it's a formidable beast!  And, Scott - couldn't agree more with your comments about the holes and the cart!
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    The other thing the #4 gives you is height which is nice if you want to hang sausage links without the bottoms being too close to the heating element.

    If I had the money, I would be all over the #4 too.
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    Oh yes. Forgot about the rib and sausage hangers.

    Anyone have $1400 I can borrow?
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    4 th of July...

    Model 2 - 10 lbs pork shoulder

    Model 3 - 8 slabs of pork ribs

    Chargriller Outlaw - soon to have 50 BBQ'd oysters, burgers, dogs

    Does this seem a bit anal to anyone???? (hehehe...)

    HAPPY 4th to all!!!

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    Anal???  Nah!!

    Sounds a little too far from my house though!!

    Have a Great 4th!!

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    I've had nothing but problems with mine (Smokinit #3). I got 2 good smokes out of it (babybacks) and it produced some mighty fine ribs. I really wanted to like it.The controller was bad and was replaced pretty quickly. Unfortunately, it was replaced with another bad one, so I gave up on it. I then bypassed it with a digital PID Auber and the instructions were poorly written. I missed 3 smokes at parties I promised to do (family gatherings). Needless to say, I was pissed and frustrated. The Admin over there banned me too, after he of course, bad mouthed me and said his peace before he did. So glad he has nothing to do with the company.

    Anyway, I am looking for another electric smoker to replace the SI #3. Any suggestions? I'll be doing mostly ribs and pulled pork.

    Happy 4th!!!
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    From reading the posts here and on the SI site, the vast majority of SI users have had great success without any modifications  or needing to go the digital route. Just a learning curve that many adapted to. Same holds true for those using another fine electric smoker from SmokinTex. It too is analog, has swings in temp and has a very good following  of happy users. Those few who have incorporated the Auber into their SI smoker did not seem to have any problems that could not be overcome.  
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    Nice set up. One cannot have too much outdoor cooking gear. But one can have too little.

    I still have my old stick burner even though I moved to electric. And my 30+ year old Weber even though I grill mostly with gas.  Just cannot let go of old friends, who still see action once in a while.

    Happy Independence Day!

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