Smokin-It 4D WIFI with AMAZE - N tray or tube?

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Jul 30, 2012
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I'm a stick burner guy at heart, and that's what I've been doing 99% of my smoking on for the last couple years. I have no intention of changing that as I love the fire management aspect of my cooks and the flavor is unbeatable IMO, but I have recently got into sausage making and want something specifically for that purpose. I'm looking for something that has the capability to keep super low and consistent temperatures between 120 and 170, as that is going to be REALLY difficult to do on a stick burner (I'm using the appropriate amounts of cure#1 as recommended for cold smoking or "warm smoking" sausage to keep the nasties away). I've been watching a lot of videos on the "two guys and a cooler" YouTube channel which seems to be one of the most informative channels around for general sausage making, and he is using the Smokin-It 4D WIFI for this same purpose so it must be good and I really like the size of it and the fact it uses a PID controller.

I can't seem to find info though as to what type of fuel is best for this smoker, wood chips, wood chunks, pellets etc. The only experience I have with an electric smoker is that my very first smoker many years ago was a Masterbuilt MES30 which eventually died. The recommendation I got here on this forum many years ago for that smoker was to get an Amaze-N pellet tray instead of using wood chips in the built in tray, and I did find that it worked well, although I did have some problems with the tray going out from time to time which was annoying. I know now that it was because the MES was not providing enough oxygen inside to keep the tray going. My next smoker was a Pit Boss Pro 1100 pellet smoker which I found lacking in smoke flavor and the tray just would not stay lit in that at all, but a smoke TUBE worked great and I now have a couple different size tubes as well as my original tray.

So... I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with this particular smoker, the 4D WIFI, what kind of fuel you are using, and if a Amaze-N tray or tube works well in them. Again, this will be used exclusively for smoking sausage, basically a warm smoke starting at around 120 and gradually bumped to 150-160 over about 6 hours.

Any real world opinions or feedback on this setup would be greatly appreciated!
Chunks for the smoker. I have the 3D and use chunks only. No other smoke source. I have resisted going the cold smoke route so cannot comment on either the Bella or SmokeDaddy units in the videos you mentioned. Nor have I considered getting on of the Amaz-n- smoker add-ons. 4 to 6 ounces of wood and I am good to go. I get on average 4 hours of smoke and have found that to be sufficient for my tastes. I have not seen a need for continuous smoke. The Smoking-it website has a section "for the customer" that might be helpful.
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I have a #3 analog and only use chunks now. I used a tube in the #3 and it worked well smoking, but too hot for cheese. Might be good for warm smoking sausage though.
I have tried the Bella with my #1, but it made to much heat for cold smoking. Got temp up to 120 or so which is too high for the cheese I was trying to smoke. The Bella did make plenty of good smoke and I could get 4 hours easy using a mix of pellets and chips.
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