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Smokin' an 8lb Butt as two 4lb halves?


Joined Sep 23, 2013
I know this is probably a stupid question, but I just got NEW MES 30" to replace my Cajun Injector. What I want to do is to smoke two 4lb butts (and 8lb cut in half). The reason I want to cook 2 halves is because I want to give my neighbor a half...and I'd rather give them the BUTT instead of pulled or sliced pork.

I know for an 8lb'er I usually cook 12-14 hours...so my question is how much less do I smoke these HALVES?

Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated.




Smoke Blower
Joined Oct 18, 2013
I haven't smoked a butt yet but that's my next adventure(probably Monday) I've done a lot of research on the forum and what advice I can give from what I've read is it's not so much about time as it is about temp of the meat. Rule is approx 1 1/2 hour for every pound at 225 but I imagine that's for the whole piece. 2 4lbs would probably be around 6 hours if you're going by time.

When I do mine, I'm tossing it on for 2 hours then sticking a temp probe in it and waiting it out til it hits that 195-200 temp range

I'm sure someone far more seasoned than me can chime in if I'm wrong though


Meat Mopper
Joined Jun 29, 2013
I am doing my first butt today, picked up a 10 lb , deboned and cut in half .

I am interested to see how long mine will take, from what I understand here on the forums, from a timing perspective it should be app around the time for a 5 lb butt or so. I am shooting for 200-205 IT.

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