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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tpal, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. Hi all, I've been having a problem with my SMS and wondered if anyone may have an answer for me.  I've had my SMS for 2 years and at the beginning I was getting great results. Lately (mostly this summer) I've been getting a different flavor that is difficult to figure out.  I do my normal routine for smoking; start the smoker; prepare the meat; get the smoker to temperature; place the meat on the smoker; add a few chunks of apple or hickory and let thing go. The problem is when it is finished and take the meat off it doesn't have that nice smoky flavor or aroma rather it smells and sort of taste like a mild creosote flavor.  Does anyone have any ideas of what might be going wrong?
  2. trabba

    trabba Fire Starter

    Are you possibly putting the meat on too early? When you put the meat on, are you getting a heavy white smoke still or are you waiting until you get more of a think blue smoke? 
  3. rabbithutch

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    I don't have and have never used a WSM, but my guess is that your wood is too green. Either that or your smoker needs a very thorough cleaning.
  4. Thank you for the responses...the wood isn't green but I'm wondering if it could be that it needs a thorough cleaning. I do however put the meat on with white smoke coming out so maybe I'm putting it on to soon after I add the chunks - it could be that.
  5. krex1010

    krex1010 Smoke Blower

    I always let meat sit out for a bit so the surface temp comes up a bit, creosote will form at condensation points.....which are cold spots.....which is exactly what a big hunk of meat fresh out of the fridge is. Dry wood, thin blue smoke and meat that is not super cold and you should be good to go.
  6. waterinholebrew

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    Just curious how long you let your meat sit out at room temp ? I've always gone from fridge to smoker & have never had a creosote issue !
  7. krex1010

    krex1010 Smoke Blower

    Depends on the cut, butts I will let sit out for an hour, ribs maybe a half hour, just long enough to take the chill off. If your wood is good and dry and your fire control is good then you probably are good either way, but if you have issues it may help. It's not an uncommon step to take.
  8. waterinholebrew

    waterinholebrew Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Yea, I know a lot of folks do it... Just was curious of your method... I think some folks let meat sit out wayyy to long, but that's just my opinion !

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