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Jan 21, 2014
Northern California
I do a lot of cooking for family get-to-gethers, grilling steaks and such.  I also make Italian sausage  but never did much smoking. I think I would like to get an electric smoker(easy) and smoke some sausage and make some bacon and such. I have been looking at the Bradley and the Master.  I won't ask which to buy, but feel to give the benefit of your knowledge. I am trying to under stand   whole area of smoking, do you "smoke" the whole time you meat is in the smoker or just the part of the time. I have a few good books , and reading the comments on this forum I will learn the answer to the many questions.
Electrics are great, until the power goes out.

You'll have a good time on this Forum.
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I thought you would have more input by now ?? At any rate, smoke is readily accepted to the interior of the meat until the IT of the meat is met at 140º. The surface area will continue, so I tend to also.
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Just my 2 cents.  I'm still fairly new here as well.  From what I read on here and Books I've read to smoke sausage and bacon it's cold smoked.  No matter what electric smoker you get I would get an AMNPS or AMNPTS from Todd at A Maze N Smoker Products.  He's an amazing guy and will help you with any questions you have on his products.  Since I'm in Colorado above 6K feet he advised me to go with his tube smoker because his maze smokers aren't proven at altitude.  All they are is a smoke generator used for cold smoking but can work in Hot smoking as well with just the right amount of smoke.  He has average burn times on his web site.  I believe if you just ask the bradley or MES owners here in the forum they will agree it's a great product. I agree with Flash  smoke is readily accepted to the interior of the meat until the IT of the meat is met at 140º. This forum is awesome you will find a ton of good people that will share their knowlage to help you. Really it all comes down to Low and Slow and learning your smoker.  Please also read Jeff's 5 day e-course it's awesome and will really help you answer most of your questions and get you going in the right direction.  I hope this has helped some. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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