Smoker/woodstove experiment

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Original poster
Dec 10, 2016
Lemmon, SD
Hey everybody,
Im here Lemmon, SD today's projected high temperature is -10, and tomorrow im sure wont be much warmer. I have a bunch of butts to get cooked and a buddy and i got to thinking (which is dangerous). We are going to attempt hooking my smoker to the chimney in my garage. I have no idea how this is going to work out, but i think its going to be fun and im SURE it will get interesting. Pics and commentary to follow, wish us luck!
Just got it all hooked up, which was a lot easier than i anticipated (how often does that happen?) The garage is getting a little smoky but its doable if i leave the doors cracked, also the smoker is warmed up and the little bit of grease in it from the last cook is making the smoke from the chimney smell like bbq... its kind of awesome. I'll try to figure out how to post some pics.
Initially it was a bit smoky in the garage so, i was kinda wondering if this was going to be worth it... Now that the fire has burned down some and is running clean its actually pretty nice in there, a little smoky but not bad. I shut the door and things are warming up some. I have to go rub the butts down and get them ready for tomorrow, IM KIND OF EXCITED for tomorrow mornings festivities. I think this might be the ticket for sub zero tundra bbq... just need to find some caribou or muskox or reindeer or something... i bet they would be delicious.
That's pretty cool.  I bet once you get some draft happening, which might take a while,that chimney will suck the smoke right out of the garage.  Good job.
Thanks! Sure beats standing out in the snow. I'll be sure to check in tomorrow and take a couple pics of the setup in action. Well see how it does on a few butts and a couple racks of ribs.
That looks awesome! Wish I had a Garage!!!  

Being the name of this town is named Hurricane, we are going to have to figure out which way to orient my new smoker to get the best results, it CAN get windy here sometimes!

30 degrees here this morning. Am taking my ECB to a new home today for my friends to start Smoking meats. Already gave them the link to the Forum. Gotta spread the LOVE!
Pork turned out, nice amount of smoke and the temperature was very steady. The heat had a lot longer distance to travel so that really made managing the fire quite different, not bad, just different. Really had to baby the fire to maintain a good draw through the chimney, add a little bit at a time and keep it chugging away. Kinda like driving a train, slow to get going and slow to stop. All and all I'd have to say it was a success and I'm sure I'll learn some tricks the more I do it.
Thanks to all you guys for the encouragement, without you and beer I would have never went for it with such gusto and reckless abandon!
Wish I would have taken a pic of the meat on the smoker... Missed opportunity, those are always the best pictures. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.