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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mountbaldy, Dec 5, 2014.

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    I"m new here and had some questions about smoker types/styles.  In the Forum, Smoking Supplies & Equipment, I think their needs to be a FAQ posted some place in there comparing the different styles of smokers.  I'd like to build one and don't know anything about each of the styles, advantages/disadvantages, what they are best used for, ect.  Even if the FAQ just had a picture of each style and a brief explanation.  We just need something there for us newbies.  

    This is coming from a guy who owns two smokers and has used several different kinds.  But could I tell you why one had an advantage over another, I couldn't.


    Great forum by the way...  Just trying to improve it for us newbies! :)


    Joe Gill

    Townsend, MT
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    well,  there are mainly two types of smokers,    vertical and horizontal, (diagonal smokers are quite rare JK)

    they can be powered by one of several energy sources....mainly electricity, propane, wood, pellets, or charcoal ....
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    Thanks for responding!  I understand what you're saying, however, when you look in the Smoker Builds forum what you see is this; Brick Smokers, Mini-WSM, Side Fire Box, UDS Builds, Reverse Flow, Other builds, Smoke Houses, and Fridge/Freezer Builds. To many, this may seem like an easy thing to grasp, but for new guys who don't have a clue what any of these things are, it may be helpful if someone puts together a sticky in the form of a simple pictorial based post explaining what each type of build is.  I understand that each person has their own idea of what type is better than the next and that each type has the potential to make excellent que.  I'm just interested in what will work best for me and understanding the difference between each of these.  


    Joe Gill

    Townsend, MT
  4. Spend a day reading. It will be fun and educational. Of all the builds you mentioned you left out all of the off the shelf smokers.

    Happy smoken.


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