Smoker shut off, am I still okay?

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Nov 23, 2023
Good morning, I started smoking a 12 lb brisket in my electric charbroil smoker at midnight at 225. Wrapped the brisket in butcher paper at 4am with internal temp at 165. Smoker seemed to have turned off and I got back up at 7:45 and restarted the smoker. Internal temp on the brisket was under 140 degrees for about an hour and ten minutes, lowest internal temp got to was 130. Any chance this will still be okay?


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For only an hour, it should be fine.
If internal temp of breast was 165 at 4am, it was done then.
Anytime you are doing a long cook you need a remote thermometer that has alerting with a minimum of two probes.
You can put one probe on the grate to monitor the pit temp and alert you when temp drops.
Unless you injected the bejeezus out of it you're fine. Continue smoking and enjoy.

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I'm waiting for the finish pics! And yes, you are fine with it.

After getting it to 165 when it's safe to eat at 145 for a four minute hold with beef, lamb and pork and cooled to 130 nothing spoilage can't grow on the down swing from being properly cooked meat intact or not with a hot cooling roast wrapped in paper. All the foodbourne bacteria are dead forever to never return unless you put poop on it or don't wash your hands after using the bathroom and handle food. The three spore formers were sterilized on the outside if IT got to 165 and pasteurized properly when it got to 145 for four minutes even if the meat was injected with E coli, Listeria, Salmonella and all other Foodbourne pathogen bacteria/virus that cause Foodbourne illnesses. It was properly cooked on the up swing. So it's cool enough to refrigerate or keep cooking till 203 to get tender. This scenario isn't a food safety issue. The food with an outside of acidic smoke and salt and/or sugar rub now needs the time, temp, Ph and water activity to get through the lag time for spoilage bacteria, yeasts molds and fungus to land let alone grow. We all know that all but two or so foodbourne pathogens stop growing at 120 and all are dead except those two at 135 max but this scenario blew that away on the up swing to 165 IT. There are several pinned threads at the top of the Food Safety Forum that OTBS members should visit revisit. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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