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smoke dawg

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Dec 29, 2010
Started out wanting to try smoking some bacon (thats what led me to this site). Had a couple pork shoulders in the freezer so added that and cured both. Since then added 10 lbs of jerky, a couple racks of ribs, and we made up our first fatties tonight.

Everything is cured, brined, rubbed, rolled, and wraped. Will string up the jerky, and load the smoker tomorrow. Looks to be a smoke, beer, and football day tomorrow!

Will post some pictures later.

Yea what he said

 Here is my first Fatty. Had trouble with the first roll with the sausage sticking to the wax paper. I thought I was goung to end up with a scramble but my wife helped save it and it turned out pretty good if I say so myself! I'll drink that beer during the smoke.


Jerky is strung and ready for smoke


Fatties and bacon. The large ones are with 1 lb of sausage and the smaller ones are 1/2 lb. Smoked ham, cheese, onions, hasbrowns and seasoning. I added some chilli that cooked for two days and some habanaro sauce to my smaller one. The wife and I each made two.


 small fatty with habanaro sauce and meaty chilli


 Smoker loaded Top is two pork shoulders, next row is 4 fatties and bacon, next row is ribs, and jerky on the bottom (just beef).


Fire is light and building some smoke and heat - It is COLD today


Gettin some smoke Running about 100°F right now and I am enjoying some coffee with Kahlua and baileys - The beer will be in a couple hours.

I started wanting to make some bacon but can't wait for the Fatties!
OK - The Jerky is done and turned out good, Ribs are done but are sauced and wraped to tenderize, Bacon is done but I think it is a little salty, maybe to center will be less salty. Pork shoulders are still in the smoker needing about another 10°.

The Fatties are done and we are very please with these. Heaven in a bacon weave! We made 4 but only tried the one, all are a little different and we are already thinking what we can conjur up for the next ones. Here are a few pics.

BTW had to make a run to get more beer to go with all this good food!




All looks great!

I'm interested in the temps you used---I'm puzzled as to how you can sneak a small slab of Bacon in with Ribs & Fatties, given the higher heat needed for the latter.

Any more pics? ---Sliced Bacon?   Buckboard Bacon pics?


Because it was cold I got about an hour of cold smoke but then ramped the heat up to 225° - 250° for 4 hours. I pulled the jerky and ribs, sauced and foild the ribs to return to the smoker.  The heat jumped up on me and hit 350° and the Fatties and bacon hit 160° so they were pulled. I kept it at 300°-350° to finish off the ribs and shoulder. Things looked good for about 1-1/2 hour, I pulled the ribs and the Pork need just a couple more degrees internal temp.

I use a remote temperature probe that I keep on the deck where I can easily see it. It jumped up to 400° within just a few minutes so I went to check and found the smoke house was on fire. I pulled the pork out and ran around putting the fire out.

We will slice the bacon today but I do think it would have been better at lower temps. More pictures later
All looks good Smoke Dawg.

Thanks for the info on the temps.

I guess I can still keep saying, no matter what the temp, there is no such thing as bad Bacon.

I think you can get more smoke on it at a lower temp, and you won't cook out the fat, but It is still great!

Hope your smokehouse didn't suffer too much damage.

My opinion: Once you have more smokes under your belt, you may gain enough patience to keep your lower temp bacons and things separate from your hot smoke ribs & things.

I hate to do it sometimes too, but it really is better that way.

Thanks for the great Qview too!!!

Dang, Smoke Dawg!!!   Way to go!!  Those fatties sound terrific, and it all looks good from here!  Hope you'll share some of your jerky techniques-it looks real tasty.  one of the benefits of smoking in the NW - we have so many awesome beers to choose from!  Cheers! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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