Smoker fabrication ????'s

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Feb 12, 2007
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This post is sorta directed at Chris, but I'm open to any suggestions. You may have seen these gems I've found in the garbage a couple of weeks ago, and I thought they'd belong together.

I want to mount the small box as a smoker box, to the left side of the 55 gal. drum. Any suggestions as to what the best way to mount it would be, and how big of a hole between the two for heat travel? Damper? Oh, and to make things even easier - I don't have a welder.
Thanks in advance... Steve
well, if it was me i would remove the shelf on the left side of the 55-gallon drum. then i would cut the legs on what will become the firebox down to the length needed to make it the level it needs to be; i would put it so that the top of the smaller one is just over the bottom of the bigger one. i would cut down and seal the smokestacks on them. i would cut in the smokestack (4" or 6") on the end of the 55-gallon, on the end, just under the food rack. i would cut in a 6" hole to join them, under the food rack a few inches (2" or 3" should work). i would weld in a plate (1/8" thick, the width of the drum) under the rack, just above the 6" hole. have it come out about 1' or so. look in the yellow pages, there should be welders for hire in your area. i wouldn't think it would be too expensive to have it done, if you have it all planned out, and know what you need done. anyone have any better ideas? i am open to hear them too.
Hi Steve -

Are you sure you want the smaller one for the smoke box? I'd use the big one for the smoke box and the little one for the fire box.

You could use a pipe not galivinized of course. They sugest 4" or better and to make sure the smoke comes in below your food grates and goes out level with your food grates on the opposite side.
I've been reading about a few mods that use something that looks like a vent cap to direct the smoke downward coming in.

Something like this:
debi, i was thinking he meant the small one for a firebox, and the big one for the food chamber. that is what makes the most sense.
you are correct Chris, and i was modeling mine after yours, thanks to both of you for the info, especially the drawing

I'm a woodworker by trade and it kills me to think i WANT to sell some of my tools to buy metal fabing toy's

lol. i am still working on the new smoker. i have not gotten anything else done since last monday. i wish i had a welder here at home. i would be done with it already. good thing is, when i finish it, i am giving my current one to a guy at work. he works a different shift, different department. but his son-in-law works my shift, my dept. he is giving me his smoker (or grill, whatever it is). i have to fix it up so i can use it then. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.