Smoker Build in Progress. (Pic. Heavy)

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You know, the first thing you should do before starting a project of this magnitude, is to buy proper tools and learn how to use em!

Just kidding. That is a spectacular build! And, I am quite envious of your shop!
Haha thank you!!
That's some really nice looking work on a good looking smoker. I'm a little concerned though that you might need a few more rolls of wire. Looking at those stacks of wire in the picture of the in-progress grate make me think you are going to run out before the project is through

Oh, and you need a bigger welder. Send me that little thing and get a real welder..... :emoji_wink:

I'm looking forward to seeing it done and smoking.

haha!! thank you and surprisingly I've still had the same original 33lb spool from the start.
Had a delay in progress but i'm about ready to fire it up just have to put a gasket around the door and bolt the two pellet hopper on the back and season it up. Got all the sandblasted internals sprayed down with Pam to help season it and she'll be ready to start cooking.

Awesome work, definitely a craftsman's work! That is a beast, you could use it as a safe room too! Cant wait to see the meats you'll be cranking out!
I took video and didn’t get any pictures but I did a first fire of the smoker. Ran excellent.

Few things little things to note for people building smokers.( I had these in the back of my head but wasn’t really sure to what extent as this is my first smoker build)
Im glad I left a gap in between the doors around 3/16”-1/4” as heat expanded the doors and tightened it up. I’m also glad I left adjustment in the handles as same thing happened I was able t o loosen them up as it expanded.

The lavalock self adhesive gasket worked excellent absolutely zero leaks. When fabricating its difficult to eliminate all warpage and keep everything absolutely flat so I obviously had gaps here and there but the gaskets took care of all of that.

The smoker would work with or without inlet air valves on the doors as I tried it both with them open or closed since the pellet burners are a forced air unit that draws air from the outside. I will have to Experiment with the lower temps and the heavy D heat diffusers with the wood chunks.

Tried a cheap simple rub on some drumsticks last night on my second fire of the smoker and wife loved them. The smoker was cold to the touch running at 325F internally. The ability for this thing to get up to temp and hold steady is amazing I'm glad i went insulated and 1/8" walls as PA can get a bit cold sometimes. I two different size diffuser plates and will have to see which ones works better with certain applications.

I can say I'm happy with the results of my time and money invested in this build. This weekend I am going to try venison ring bologna.




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