Smoked Wild Hog...With Q-View

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smoke farmer

Smoke Blower
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Jan 15, 2010
Tulsa Oklahoma
Still had half a wild hog in the freezer so we smoked it in my UDS for a Christmas Party with friends.Cut it up and rubbed the night before.Got the barrel going with Kingsford Comp.coals and Hickory chunks,put the meat in it took about a hour to get it to settle in at 237 degrees and it cruised on that temp for 7 hours with very little adjustment.Foiled it at 165 degrees and finished off in the oven for 5 more hours to 195 degrees.Being wild and little fat it was plenty tender but still had to chop it up for sandwiches.It turned out with a great smoke flavor and everyone loved it.



Sounds yummy!   I miss hunting wild hogs out on the west coast.  My favorite was mixing wild hog and vension together in an italian sausage...
I will be doing one of these after the holidays.  It is half hog and will be cooking it whole.  No head.  LOL

I plan on cooking it at 250F  to internal temp of 210F with my own rub.  I think I will cook it skin side down to hold in the moisture some and foil it at about 4 hrs in.  Any suggestions? 

I had wild boar steaks and sausages a few years back and they were awesome!

Looks Great!

Man that really looks good - I would love me some of that for sure is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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