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Smoked, then fried turkey question.


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I used to work at Super Smokers BBQ in St Louis and the absolute best turkey I’ve ever had was smoked and then fried. This was about 25 years ago. I’m trying to figure out the best way to go about this.

I’m thinking about smoking the bird for 2 hours at 225-250, then finish in the turkey fryer. Everything says 3-3.5 minutes per lb at 350°. The smoke will bring the outside temp up though. I’m thinking about bringing the whole bird to 160° IT and not go by the time alone. It’s a 18 lb turkey.
It will be injected and rubbed with a Cajun mix. Anyone have any experience with this kind of cook? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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I would stop the cooking process at ~150F and let carry-over finish the cook.... A 350 F oil bath will have the outer 1" or so at a pretty high temp... Wrap the bird to insulate it in towels or place in a 170ish oven to allow for carry-over to continue...
I've "tried to eat" birds that "carry-over" cooked them to a very tough and dry hunk of meat...

Disclaimer.... I have NEVER deep fried a turkey.... I've done lots of chicken in my kitchen deep fryer... The best chicken was fried at 260 F.... I. T. of 155ish F... then let rest...
Watching DDD with Guy Fietti, I saw a chef that cooked his chicken at that temp... Then I thought, "Why does deep frying need to be done at a screaming high temp ?".... Now I experiment... When it reaches done, It doesn't matter what temp you cooked it at....
Just "Getter done".... Trying to keep it moist....


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I'm intrigued, and may actually think about trying it. I remember reading somewhere that once something reaches IT of around 140° it doesn't necessarily take on much more smoke flavor (that's about the point the smoke ring stops). I'd pull it out of the smoker around 120-140 and then fry until you hit the final IT.

Edit - this guy is only using a 10 lb turkey, and smoking for 2 hours then frying. https://barbecuetricks.com/smoke-fried-or-smofried-turkey-recipe/

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