Smoked Sushi Fatty sept. TD QVIEW MEGATON!!!

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    I need to start off by saying the only reason I entered this throwdown was because of the HUGE prize!  Now that I have competed in a TD I think I will be doing more in the future.

    OK now time for business.  My living in Japan left me feeling like I should do something with my fatty that would associate it with Japan.  So I was torn between doing a Godzilla Fatty or a Smoked Sushi Fatty.  I am happy that I chose the Smoked Sushi route.

    To start my fatty off I smoked half a salmon, ate 2/3's of it and saved 1/3rd for the fatty [​IMG]

    Getting the smoked sushi innards ready.

    Smoked salmon mixed with cream cheese, P-man washed before a light smoking (similar to green peppers), pepper jack, and a salmon rub of mine for the outside of the smoked sushi roll.

    Ready to mix

    All mixed but I decided to get some more color from it by adding a bit of smoked paprika.

    1 onion and two red peppers for the 50/50 ground mix.

    This pepper was happy to its core to be used in the smoked sushi!

    The P-man out for the smoker after a light smoking.

    50/50 ground, red peppers and onions ready to be folded together.

    That was quick!

    Smoked P-man ready to encase the smoked salmon and cream cheese innards!

    I wish they sold life size blankets like this!

    Once I laid out the cheddar I decided the color would not contrast with the salmon mix enough...

    So I decided to go with only pepper jack.

    I'd say the color contras is getting about where I wanted it at this point.

    Rolling the fatty

    Folding and sealing the fatty.


    Where all the magic happens, My masterbuilt 7in1 smoker.

    Lets get started smoking!

    Looking good

    Ok it has firmed up enough to loose the foil and flip it over.

    The belly is saying "more smoke please!"

    We are getting close

    That'll do fatty, that'll do.

    Lost some precious juices on the cutting board. If I had to do it again I would have gone straight from the smoker to on top of the rice so the rice could absorb more of the oils and juices.

    Ended up having to use two sushi slats once I finally started rolling it.

    Shhhh !!! Don't tell my mother in law where that strange smoky flavor in her sushi came from!

    Closing things up.

    Smoked sushi is rolled and bound, had to wait a bit for the rice and meat to socialize and get to know one another.  Once they were well associated and or married in some countries it was time to release them upon the world.

    But not before a quick roll in some salmon rub I had ready for the occasion.

    I had thought of using a dark BBQ sauce and guac to look like soy sauce and wasabi, but I just didnt think the bbq sauce was needed.

    Done and ready to be cut into.

    At this point it had cooled down a bit more than I wanted but that was also a good thing since it kept the salmon and cream cheese from running

    And that is how the Smoked Sushi Fatty was born. 

    If I ever have the time to do this again, I would roll the fatty in the rice right off the smoker and try to serve it within 20-30 minutes of taking it off the smoker. It tasted really good but I would have liked to have a bit more runnyness of juices and cheeses.

    Thanks for looking everyone and have a great Friday!  (oops sorry it is friday for me in 6 hours but you guys still have to suffer through thursday [​IMG]
  2. roller

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    You did a great job on that fatty and I bet it was real good..And yes the grand prise was hugh...
  3. boykjo

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    I was impressed with your fattie... But now even more.. I bet it tasted great..................[​IMG]
  4. one of a kind
  5. scarbelly

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    When I was looking at the entries I knew this one had to be hard to put together - awesome job 
  6. You did an awesome job with all the work involved! Looks great and I'll bet it tasted great!
  7. big game cook

    big game cook Smoking Fanatic

    WOW. looks great. hard to appreciate some of the entries untill you see the process. yours looked great but jumped way up on the greatness scale after seeing this thread. thanks for sharing the recipe.
  8. circuit theory

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    Thanks for the compliments everyone.  I guess I better start thinking about entering another throwdown.

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