Smoked Shotgun Shells question

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Jan 28, 2020
Friends of ours are having a small get together for new years. I threw out a few ideas and they said they'd like me to do shotgun shells. I did them a few months ago and the only issue I had was the ends of the shells stayed hard. This time around I'm going to boil the shells enough to start to soften them but keep them hard enough to stuff. Then I'm going to refrigerate them for a full day with the meat stuffed and wrapped before cooking. Should be good and soft then.

But here's my question. Do any of you know how these will hold up? Meaning, if I make them at home, put them in an insulated container, take there and not everybody will be showing up at the same time, how long do these stay decent as far as good and crispy bacon and staying fresh? Seems like they'd go downhill pretty fast. Since there are going to be 11 of us I was thinking about cutting into 1" pieces after it's all cooked and done and putting in an air fryer for very short period with more bbq sauce once I get to their house to reheat and crisp everything up. Might be hard to keep the bacon on if I do this though (maybe I could get toothpick through each one).

1st world problems here. LOL. Might be trial and error on this one.
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I bought the shells but never got to making them. Threads I have read are that yes indeed the ends can get or stay hard and also boiling them made it hard to stuff.
So you are aware of the pitfalls. Maybe rub some gravy (spaghetti sauce) on the ends to keep them moist.
Can't comment on the air fryer deal.
Good luck on your process and post back with results and pics!
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Yeah the search function isn't great. You would think one keyword would bring up tons of threads but turns out search is pretty specific lol
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Thanks guys. I'll have to check that thread out.
I've made them once and yes my ends stayed a little hard as well. Can't remember how we reheated them...guess it's CRS lol. Let us know how they turn out.

Last time I made them, I put the shells into a pan of warm water just before I started assembling. This, along with refrigerating overnight, seemed to cure the underdone shell problem. I use Cannelloni shells, though. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.