Smoked Sea Pig!!!! (Huge Striper)!

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Dave!!! Happy Saturday! And thank you tons!!

Yes the photos uploaded all out of order but I am glad you could put the progression in order! And beer would be mandatory indeed! (My wine on that day tasted better than ever)!

It was quite a process and those dorsal fins are a force to be reckoned with! But, what great fun it was indeed!

I'm smoking another hunk of it today for lunch and so the work was well worth it. And, I am delighted that I made you smile in any way!!!!

More fun to come! Meanwhile, make today fantastic and thank you so much for chiming in!!!!!!!
Great thread! I have cleaned a few fish in my day never occurred to me to use a saw like that . But you live & learn.
Interesting for me to see the fishing tackle used in your ' hood.I do understand the tackle talk.
That's a seriously big fish!
Thanks Mick!

Yes, a big fish indeed and the tools helped! The hacksaw didn't dent into much at all, but pruning sheers worked well on the gills and the reciprocating saw is my favorite!

Glad the fish jargon makes sense to some! Happy weekend! (Shall try grilling a striper steak today, as comparison to the smoked).
Did a grilled version today - big striper steak mopped in avocado oil & grilled 10 minutes a side on lower heat (about 425 degrees) and it was fantastic!

I have a love affair with red pepper flakes and so those went on, as did black truffle sea salt & lemon zest & squeezed lemon & more avocado oil!


Thanks for sharing in my lunch! And happy Saturday! Cheers! - Leah
Happy wrap up of the weekend to all!

My friend caught another striper here on the beach! 30 inch this time (18.5 pounds) and so this little but lovely fish will be prepared in a very special way!

First I took out the gills, scaled and gutted the creature and then cleaned it well.

Tomorrow I am stuffing it with a Mexican ensemble and grilling it whole, and then dousing it with tequila and lighting it on fire (have done this style before with ouzo and Greek fillings but will do a Mexican take this time & take photos) and share on Tuesday!

Meanwhile, here's to a wonderful new week for all! Cheers! - The Tired But Ever So Grateful Fish Butcher
That sounds Great Leah!!!

Like "Ah-Nud" said, "I Be Back!"

Leah, I'm starting to dislike you?????? LOL.

How dare you post photos of that well presented lunch you devoured.

I truly wish I was your neighbour then I'd hang over the fence with a hang dog look 'till you fed me some of that striper.

Top job and well documented.

Cheers from Down Under.
Thank you so much Pilch!

Yes feeding the neighborhood is getting fun!!

And I think the grilled striper is tastier than smoked to a degree though both are a treat certainly indeed.

So delighted you enjoyed this, thank you!!! Cheers!!! - Leah
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Once again, you've made a simple fish into a gourmet delight! I look forward to your posts and pictures and appreciate the style in which you present!

Cheers to you, and many more good cooks to come!


BTW, I leave for Florida in a week, I'll be looking for fish with good cheeks!
Thank you CrankyBuzzard!

I love the large fish cheeks (halibut) and such, and bet you'll have some wonderful fish in Florida!

Cobia is one of my very favorites and impossible to find here and I love conch meat as well, which seems to be more of a Floridian or Carribean find.

Anyway, thank you tons for the nice words and have a fabulous trip and share what you eat & drink as it's so fun to hear!!!

Cheers and happy new week! - Leah
i got a kick out of this post. definitely a nice striper, and more entertaining gutting/scaling/smoking than i've seen before, LOL. Any woman that is willing to clean and scale a fish is cool with me, let alone let it sit in the cab of the truck and in the house!

not to mention the wonderful looking meals you have prepared out of it, VERY NICE! looks like some well thought-out flavorings and preparations of the catch.

btw, lighting ouzo in fire is the only thing i've found it useful for (just can't stand it, but its good to make saganaki with kasseri). now, metaxa or raki on the otherhand.....
Leah, what an entertaining thread ! That's one huge fish but your obviously a dedicated go getter.... Thumbs Up That was very nice of your friend to have gifted that fish to ya, but I do believe in the carma of life & somethin tells me you were very deserving of the fish ! Thumbs Up


Great job on the whole meal ! By the way, next elk I get I'm calling on you with your arsenal of tools ! :biggrin:
Leah That is a beauty,and you did a wonderful job on it.Smoked it has to be the best fish I have ever smoked.Thanks for sharing.


Thank you so much MSUICEMAN! Yes, real women eat bait (mackerel and mullet and sardines and more) and gut and scale fish! Smiles. Thanks tons. And I agree with you about ouzo! Your skillet uses for it sound grand, and I think using it as lighter fluid for fish is great too! But drinking it is awful!

And Justin, thank you tons as well! PLEASE get me in on the next elk indeed! I do love a rack of elk, bone in, and therefore fantasize about butchering! And yes, very very generous fish folk, though I went back and cooked for the talented one too as to share the fish. Still, how very grateful am I.

LETTHEMEATREST! I'm so glad I made you smile! And I'm delighted it's one of your tasty favorites too! Many thanks!!!

Thanks very much Richie! It's delightful smoked - I agree with you! Though the grilled "whole" striper, stuffed with a papaya, cilantro, green onion and chopped red bell pepper and capers mixture that I made last night for the fisherman; all stuffed into the whole fish, then rubbing the fish with avocado oil, grilling it 30 minutes on one side only, and dousing it with alcohol, lighting it on fire, (which chars the skin into beautiful stuff that's delicious) then squeezing fresh limes and sprinkling cayenne pepper and pink Himalayan sea salt; is OUTSTANDING and so soft and my favorite way thus far!

I plated this with mango that I sliced, avocado, and black rice that is lovely too and plenty of dry and crisp and cold white Spanish wine!

I will upload the photos next, from my phone! Many thanks to all for sharing in my joy! Cheers and happy Tuesday!!!! - Leah
Very jealous - here we can only keep 50-65cm (~19.6 - 25.6 inch) striped bass... our catch & keep season is about to start on Aug 1.

Will kill me to throw bigger ones back for someone else to keep in another area...

Been a fun read!

Thanks Gaidheal!

Here we cannot keep anything UNDER 28 inches; and so the little ones get thrown back but this 30 incher did luckily make the cut!

So glad you enjoyed this. It truly was delicious!
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