Smoked Ribeye bone-in

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    Been discussing best approach with gary s and per his recommendation I'm following Bears PR method. Using a MAK 2 Star General with pecan set to 230 deg. Here it is when it went on.  I'll post more when complete.

  2. It should be good. Keep the pics coming. Tell us what you are doing.

    Happy smoken.

  3. You are going to have some mighty fine eats later

  4. What time is dinner?
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    Well, this was a bust. Got it med-rare and looked good but the meat itself was poor. Had multiple strings of silver running through it and regardless how cut you ended up with a mouth full of it. Bear's recipe appears to be good and JJ's Au Jus recipe was as well.  So, wait a bit and try again.  Next up, St. Louis ribs [​IMG]

  6. Did you have any pics after you sliced it ?   Another thing depending on where you bought it, take your receipt back and explain what happened and the meat was stringy and you were not happy, might get your money back. If I buy from our our local grocery store they stand behind what they sell and will give your money back. Worth a try Be looking forward to the St. Louis's

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    Appreciate the input Gary, will do. Don't know if others are interested but thought I'd share the recipe and my notes:

    Smoked Ribeye / Prime Rib

    Use pecan - see my notes below


    5 1/2 lbs Ribeye, whole

    Lea & Perrins THICK Worcestershire sauce, now called L&P Steak Sauce

    garlic powder

    onion powder

    sea salt

    black pepper


    1. The day before (afternoon) 

    Rinse, Dry, and Score through the surface fat. 

    Coat w/ Worcestershire (Thick), rub w/ small amounts of dry ingredients 

    Cover with Saran Wrap, and put in fridge for an overnight rest.

    2. Smoking day 

    Pre-heat to 230˚, insert probe, place in smoker, cut heat to 220˚

    Pull @ 130˚

    Remove from smoker and cover with foil

    Rest 30 minutes

    Meat will coast up in IT 


    I substituted with Butchers BBQ Steak & Brisket rub and McCormicks Montreal Steak Seasoning plus the thicken Worcestershire (cornstarch).

    NOT GOOD, the rub is not right for this. 1/24/15 with Ribeye


    - USE garlic & onion powder, sea salt, black pepper

    - think about: adding a mixture of ground coriander & cumin plus some oregano 

    - possibly add Montreal Steak seasoning next day right before going on smoker

    - Skip the Worcestershire. Really looking for an unmasked seasoned, smoked meat flavor profile.

    - used pecan but would prefer a heavier smoke.  Smoked it fat side up.

    - ran 4:20 & probe 130º but too RARE, probably leave in until 138º then pull and foil - smoker @230º

    - BUT thermopen recorded 137º in some areas vs 130º - regardless still too rare for me, wife thought it was perfect

    - might want to place above a pan to catch drippings but doubt there will be enough.
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  8. Everyone has probably had that happen, You are all excited , spend a lot of time, everything looks great and Bam !!  the meat is not what it should have been.

    Year before last  I cooked a BIG chicken for my wife and I on Thanksgiving, It was just me and her that year, They had some really big chickens at the store (Baking Hens)  I asked if they were good and the butcher said he didn't know, they just got them in, but they looked good.

    So I got one, brined it and smoked it. It was gorgeous  Perfect color looked great. But ----  If you ever say the Chevy Chase movie Christmas Vacation and the turkey, that was mine. Took two of us to pull the leg off. Ended up throwing  it in the trash. Monday I took my receipt back to the store and they gave my money back


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