Smoked Meats and other treats on the fourth

Discussion in 'Pork' started by snowdog71, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. So I smoked my first baby back ribs instead of ( boiling or baking before grilling) WOW They were awesome, I kept a log while I smoked, so I know what I did, how I did it, and I know what i want to do to make them better next time, instead of mustard and rub the night before, I want to try rubbing the day of, less mustard, sweeter rub, a little longer in the foil, and does anyone throw theirs on the grill at the end to crisp them up or should there be enough bark after 2-2-1 method? I also smoked a few brats sliced up and sauced them for snacks, hot and teriyaki wings, some gluten free mac and cheese and fried zucchini, I cooked enough food to feed a small army, hoping there would be leftovers[​IMG]  and for once there was. So last night I threw the ribs in a baking dish with my leftover pork juice(from the smoke) apple juice and a little BBQ sauce, heated them up in the oven, and they were even better than the day before. Thanks for all the advice SMF

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    Everything looks Great, Snowdog!!!

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    Looks terrific. You could make it better next time by inviting me!

  4. Thanks guys, I have already learned enough, through SMF to make some pretty good vittles in a way i never have, I cant wait to get good at this craft, if your ever in the springs look me up the best thing about cooking is feeding family, friends, and perfect strangers, plus im sure i could get some great tips of the trade. Happy Smokin Rick
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    Very nice looks good from here

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