smoked jalapenos

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Jan 11, 2011
jersey pines
I had the MES working over the week end and I had some extra jalapenos . I have done his before with mixed results but this time it turned out perfect.smoked the peppers for 5 hours with the vent open and the tops of the peper cut off. then grinded in to flakes . I use these pepers in every thing from tuna fish to mash poatatoes. It added a great smokey hot flavor to everything.
If I am not mistaken smoked jalapenos are called chipotle peppers. Good job! I am going to have to try this char
You are correct.  I smoked a bunch of those last night while making moink balls and ABTs for the game.  Once dried I left whole and jsut froze em for later use. 
YEP smoked jalapenos are chiplote peppers,but you have to wait till the japs turn red first so are fully mature. Then they have a bit deeper flavor.I grow my own peppers so i just pick afew plants and i leave them alone!! Just waiting for them to turn red.I smoked about a half bushel last season for myself and friends.
just did some a couple of weeks ago. you should get more smoke if you split them (more suface area) and then soke them. also i would vac/seal them when the 1/2's are dried and grind them as you need them, they retain the smoke and heat over a longer time......sorta like fresh ground coffee beans. i use a molcajete to grind as needed........

they are pretty cheap and mine is like this:

I always dry some of my peppers out and grind them too..I have a coffee grinder just for that purpose
I love smoked jalopenos and those look like they came out good

I do like a good smoked pepper. It's hard to find ripe Jalapeno's so I also use the standard green ones. I try and do two cases of peppers at a time (20 lbs) and it produces about 1 quart of powder after I'm done drying them out. It is like candy around my house. I hear a traditional Chipotle pepper is smoked with Peacan wood. I use Hickory and Mesquite. Any one else have a favorite type of wood for smoking peppers? I love the process! Smokin - K
I smoke my peppers with mesquite and RO lump. It's all good my friend.
I use hickory, but I always suspected they would stand up well to mesquite.  Now Richoso has confirmed that.

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