Smoked Italain Beef Sandwich

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Oh well.............I had to do it again. This is what I ate this fine LaborDay.

Hey gypc,

My wife said the only thing I am allowed to smoke is some beef to make this sandwich. Thanks for one more weekend smoking 8)
Finally got a chance to cook this sandwich :D

I put some mushrooms in mine and used the cheese I had on hand, but the spices were the same. I can only say after tasting the sandwich that it is AWESOME :!: Thanks gypc.

Hey Rodger, that looks awesome bro. How was that kind of cheese? I might want to try that and would love to put mushrooms on next time.

I'm glad it was a success!! :D

gypc, your slicer looks like it's one of the Rival models. Is it the "fold-up" style or the "commercial" style?
Hi gypc,

The cheese was a mix of colby and monterrey jack. I definitly recommend the mushrooms.

Awesome sandwich.
Never get that temp passed 140o. Depending on how rare you want it, I've pulled'm at 120o before. Remember the meat will cook a little more when ya put'm in the oven. I dipp every bite anyway so they're never dry 8) That was a big piece of meat and took longer to get it up there. Sometimes I'll use an eye of don't take as long and has a good flavor.

Hope ya enjoy :D
just picked up a bottom round........3 lber.........hope i can use this as a replacement.........couldn't find a rump.........and they wanted a ungodly amount for the eye of round...........

will be doing these for new years........smoke buzz is coming down monday.....will smoke it monday..........slice it..........and reheat monday, in the juices i will be collecting in a foil pan............

any thoughts on maybe marinating this overnite in summin summin?


I'm printing out the instructions (including the pics) and will apply it to my little eye round roast with tomorrow's Boston Butt and set of ribs!
No problem Oldgrandman!

Not sure how sticky's are created but if it's by recommendation, here's my vote!

Gypc has made this a favorite in many households!!
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