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Smoked ham recipe?


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So it seems ham threads are very few and far between and I'm kind of surprised.  I don't really know much about which cuts of meat are typically used for ham, but I've seen some people use boston butts which surprises me, since that's what is used a lot of times for pulled pork or pork steaks.  I've also seen people smoke hams that have already been cooked. 

A little back story:  Last year, I was in the mood for ham and walmart had a big open freezer section filled with super cheap hams, so I grabbed one.  It was only when I got it home and opened it, that I realized it was uncooked.  I was really disappointed because I just wanted to eat some ham!  LOL... So I fired up the oven and threw it in.

That ham, coming straight out of the oven, was the most delicious, tender, flavorful ham I've ever had in my entire life.  It was SOO good.  I think two of my kids and myself just stood in the kitchen picking pieces off of it and eating it on the kitchen counter until we were stuffed. 

So I'd like to try the same thing in the smoker.  Does anybody have any good recipes for smoking an uncooked ham? 


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A few months ago I bought a corned ham that was on sale at Food Lion.  I had no idea what it was, but for about $23 for a 15lb ham, i went for it.  Kept in freezer until this week.  I soaked it for 12 hours to get some of the salt out of it and added  1 tsp of maple extract flavoring and about 3 tbs of sugar to the water.

The next day, I injected it with a mixture of 3 parts maple syrup and 1 part Crown Royal Maple (used 3 tbs to 1 tbs).  I left that sit uncovered for about 8 hours in fridge, then put it in the smoker with 4 oz maple wood and 2 oz hickory.  Set my smokin-it to 225 and about 4 hours later when temp hit 165 I pulled it out and wrapped with foil after cooling.  I used my meat slicer to make deli thin slices.  It was more like canadian bacon than ham but very good.  I will try this with a plain uncooked ham next time. The maple extract made a difference as did injecting.  And liquor is always a nice addition.  Sorry no pics, wasn't really thinking about it at the time, just wanted to get it done.  I'm serving this along with pastrami I just made on the 4th.  Good luck!

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Just home cured 2 pork butts into ham and smoked them last weekend. I used Pop's brine and for large pieces of meat I lean on the heavy side for the salt. These turned out great. Probably having leftovers for dinner tonight!


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I've wet brined a picnic shoulder for two weeks, and then smoked it. One of the best hams I've ever had, period. I can pick them up at WalMart for under $2/lb, and well worth the experimenting.

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