smoked chicken or turkey salad

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Jul 18, 2005
Hi guys,

Try this:

At times we often have leftover Smoked Turkey or Chicken and I always loved it the best right out of the smoker [after proper resting] with a little dipping sauce.

But what do you do with the leftovers?

Dice up some of that Hickory smoked bird and add to it some chopped celery and onion and then mix in just the right amount of Miracle Whip Salad Dressing to suit your taste.

Chill it real good and apply it to your favorite bread along with some of your favorite Dill Pickles and I think you will find that the smoke turns ordinary chicken or turkey salad into something very special.

It happened for me by accident...I had left over hickory smoked bird in the fridge and my wife was looking for something for lunch one day and she made some chicken salad and asked me if I wanted a sandwhich..I said sure...

Now I don't have it any other way! :)

Great idea Ranger!
My wife makes a great chiken salad, any way, but about 3 weeks ago, I threw in an extra bird for that very reason. The only problem we had this time was that prior to smoking I did what I always do...I brined the bird for several hours as I had been taught. No problem, Right? Well, my wife was not aware that I always do this, and so, as is her habit, she seasond the mixture with plenty of salt & pepper. The resulting flavor was a bit to intense for my taste, but the smokiness of the bird was definitely present. We will be trying this again, but with better communication.


10 dash 4 on the brining :)

After brining I can see where you probably would not need to add salt to the chicken salad.

As I mentioned my wife made the chicken salad out of one of the first birds I ever smoked and I hadn't learned/didn't know about brining at that point so too much salt was not an issue at the time.

But you raise a very good point and when others read this thread that may not have tried the chicken or turkey salad perhaps this will help them to not make the same error.


ranger72 :)
Dang it all, guys!! I just ate lunch and now I'm hungry all over again. I'll never lose any weight at this rate!!!
Ain't no other way to have a chicken or turkey salad sandwich!
But have you guys tried smoked chicken or turkey CLUB sandwiches with bacon and tomato???

Sorry about yer diet, Earl....hehehehehe

Oh yes, my friend! There ain't no better way to enjoy that sandwich, especially if you have a couple Better Boy and Early Girl tomato plants just coming into season in the back yard! Don't forget the fresh buttercrunch or bib lettuce for added cool crispy crunch!

Oh yes, Brian! Nothing like a slice of homegrown tomato on your sandwich or burger. This year, I tried growing "Gold Medal Yellow" maters and I tell you what...they are good! (I know his isn't a "mater" forum, but I love 'em!!!!!)
Well, I am almost on my way home to fire up the smoker - gonna do 3 racks of ribs and a London Broil. Have a great weekend! 8) Oh yes, Brian! Nothing like a slice of homegrown tomato on your sandwich or burger. This year, I tried growing "Gold Medal Yellow" maters and I tell you what...they are good! (I know his isn't a "mater" forum, but I love 'em!!!!!)
Well, I am almost on my way home to fire up the smoker - gonna do 3 racks of ribs and a London Broil. Have a great weekend!
That's alright, I can always start over tomorrow!
Hey you guys,

Great idea on the turkey/chicken club sondwheeeech..never thought of that!

Hotdamn! You guys are making me do too much work! :P :P :P

Smoked 7 chicken breasts last night with hickory, came out great. The only problem I ran into with making it into chicken salad was most all was gone by the time I had pulled it apart, OK, I had several little helpers, (grandkids). Tried it today at lunch on an onion bun, and it was great. The wife actually made the chicken salad, we usually boil the chicken breast, but the smoked is way better. Thanks ranger, BEAR
Hi There BEAR!

You are quite welcome! Boy; Its been a long time since this thread has been replied to! :D

I've always enjoyed the smoked chicken/turkey salad and I'm glad to see that folks are looking back through the forums earlier recipes cause many of them are so good! :D

Thanks again,

ranger72 8)
Hey Ranger,

I tried this the day after Thanksgiving with left over smoked turkey. You are right on, once you have had it smoked you never go back!


Country Boys know the secret of good eating....Its all in the smoke 8) :lol:

After reading this post I made some chicken salad out of leftover chicken that I had. I didn't tell anyone before I served it that I was using smoked chicken. Boy, you should have seen their eyes light up as they bit into that smokey goodness. My wife said told me going forward to plan on having a chicken in the smoker everytime I fire it up. Thanks for the great tasting tip. :)
Hi There y2kpitt!

It always makes me smile when someone finds out how good smoked chicken salad really is... :)

That was pretty tricky of you to not tell anyone and watch their faces when they taste it and realize; Hey! What's this? :lol:

Glad you enjoyed it!

It doesn't seem to be a popular wood for smoking chicking but I love Mesquite Smoked Chicken in my chicken salad. I got hooked on it while I was living down in College Station TX going to school (yeh that's right I'm an Aggie, WHOOP!) The local H.E.B. sold it out of their deli case and I just couldn't get enough of it. Maybe it's a TX thing seeing as they grow so much mesquite down that way.
Okay, I see that it has been awhile since the last reply to this thread - just had some smoked chicken salad on Keebler Club crackers - oh baby! One of my co-workers sitting next to me in the breakroom looks at the bowl i had the sald in and goes. "do I smell smoke flavor in that?" A huge grin creeped up on my face as I replied "yes". I handed a cracker with some on it to him and the expression on his face was all I needed to reaffirm that this stuff is gooood! Then i told him about smoked chicken/turkey club sandwiches and he about flipped. He says he will attempt this at home this weekend. I felt good after that little encounter - I think I got someone hooked on smoking meat. If he purchases a smoker, I'll turn him on to this forum.

Bwwwwaaahhhhhh Haaaaaa Haaaaaa!

Once again my old post gets dusted off....I always love it when someone new to smoking meats gets introduced to smoked chicken/turkey slad...

It is soooo good!

As a matter of fact I think I'll smoke a Chicken tomorrow and make some chicken slad out of the leftovers....

Can't Wait :D :D

ranger72 8)
Hello ranger72! Thanks for the idea about the smoked turkey salad :) . I pulled some out of the freezer to thaw once I saw this thread
-couldnt stop salavating;) . I am changing it in that I'm using Dukes mayo ( for the hubby ), sweet pickle relish, adding a boiled egg, and toasted pecans. Plan on having this for lunch tomorrow once the flavors have had a chance to meld. Yummmmm, Yummmmmm!

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