Smoked Burgers w/ Swiss Cheese Question

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Feb 26, 2014
Madison, Wisconsin
So I decided to smoke some burgers for the wife and I yesterday.  Smoked em for 2 hrs @ 230*.  I use a mixture of KF Comp and RO Lump.  I had a bag of Mesquite wood chips that I've never tried so I gave them a go this time.  Well I wasn't happy with how the burgers came out.  They were well done which my wife prefers but they had too much smoke flavor.  I usually use apple wood for my smoke flavor so is the mesquite provide a more intense smoke flavor?  Any ideas?
Mesquite is to strong for burgers IMO.

I only use 1 chunk of apple or oak.

Ground meat soaks up smoke like a sponge, it doesn't take much.
Yeah that ^^ C Farmer is right mesquite is a very potent smoke - especially if you are used to apple. When I use mesquite I mix it with something else. If you use a lot of apple wood & like it then next time you smoke some burgers give some peach a try - I bet you like them...
I didn't realize how potent it would be.  In your opinion what would you use mesquite with?  My wife thought they were good.  Maybe she was being generous.  I'm a  big judge on my cooking.  Maybe I'll just stick with apple.  And also maybe only smoke for 1 hr then take it to the grill to finish.  Thanks.

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