Smoked Brisket Chili

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Tyler Anthony

Original poster
Nov 18, 2018
I am making chili for my niece's birthday party coming up. I decided I would be able to smoke some brisket to use for the meat, but my question is more related to the chili recipe. I have a recipe that I use for ground beef but I know the brisket with have a different flavor. Should I change my typical chili recipe to better showcase the brisket or should I be fine only changing the meat? Like should I back off on spices or add a different seasoning to the meat. I want to make the most of the brisket. Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you
Smoke brisket to 160F then remove and cube and put into chili and let the chili take the meat the rest of the way...

I would not alter your recipe, but keep in mind the spices in chili were ment to mask the meat....
I use leftover brisket in chili all the time. I don’t do like Zippy does, since I’m using fully cooked brisket & I also use leftover burnt ends. But I still put it in at the beginning & the brisket just melts in your mouth & really becomes part of the chili. Not that Zippy’s method wouldn’t be the way to go, I have just never cooked a brisket for just chili.
We love our chili recipe and when wanting to use brisket, I just substitute cubed smoked brisket for the ground beef. Comes out fantastic.
I made some using some flat from freezer. Was good but really wanted ground beef. Our local pub has great chili. I know the manager. Couple times asking him and promise to keep under lock and key he told me ingredients. Only 5. Made some this last week. Good but not quite the same. Need go get another bowl from him now that I know what to look for. Some times simple is good.
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