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  1. Well Happy brand new and beautiful week you Sweet Smoking Cookies!!!

    And here's to delicious today!!!!!!!

    Having just finished my dinner, I wanted to share it...

    Smoking with pistachio shells instead of smoking chips...

    I took some BABY soft feeling antelope meat - that was falling apart as I held it, and some sliced cantaloupe...

    And I left these plain today - no mopping them through grapeseed oil or such, just plain...

    And then I used my favorite new toy for this week - a spray can of olive oil for the grill - on some mere "grill grates" that I layered atop my little gas smoker...

    And I left that on for just 12 minutes (covered - only removing the lid for the photo etc.) and would have done 5 minutes more for company, but since I wasn't hosting company, I did it COLD in the middle which is how I adore my meat...

    And I had to use up some tomato, cuke, and raw elephant garlic...

    And use up some dried Porcini mushrooms...

    And use up fresh basil...

    Once off the smoker, I sliced the rinds off the fruit while meat was resting...

    And whisked some olive oil and balsamic today...

    And got the dogs' tiny portion ready, (I still feel so badly that I did not give them a more generous taste)...

    And I plated that jazz together and drizzled the oil/vinegar mixture over it all, and also added freshly ground black pepper and pink Himalayan sea salt..

    And lo and behold! Smoked cantaloupe tastes like butterscotch! ERGO: The healthy butterscotch! This is it! What a fabulous dessert to serve with cheese and wine next time! Amazing!

    And the meat was so soft and just spectacular!

    And all is right with the world! Smiles.

    A lovely meal.

    Thanks tons for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy new week!!!!!!!

    Cheers!!!!!!!! - Leah
  2. Looks like you were eating good today Leah!  [​IMG]   I've never had antelope but I got to try some pronghorn a few years ago & liked it a lot.  That Himalayan pink salt is great! I'm almost out of it again sadly & need to get some more...  The salad looks very good  [​IMG]  
  3. Hey Jeremy that sounds good too!

    And thanks so much for your kind words here! I'm delighted you enjoyed it, as it really was delicious!

    And yes, indeed, I saw recently in a thread of yours that you were out of salt - I am a "salty or savory broad" and thus always perk up and do notice any mention of salts - and it's a lovely salt indeed!

    Happy new week and thank you for commenting here about my antelope & cantaloupe!

    It's fun to share!

    Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah
  4. disco

    disco Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Another terrific looking meal and the rhyming title is terrific!

  5. Thank you tons Disco!!!

    Raised on Dr. Seuss, and being a fan of his cousin too, (Dr. Sauce), somehow food and mood and Wineaux fun doings are intertwined!

    I'm delighted for your comments!

    Cheers! - Leah

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