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Original poster
Feb 5, 2017
Got a smoker for Christmas and plan on getting it out and smoking some chicken 1/4s pork steak and chops. Do you keep smoke to it the whole time it's in the smoker or just smoke for a while and let smoke go out and let heat keep cooking
 I would let it go the whole time, Watch your smoke type and temps for the smoker as well as IT in the meats. What kind of smoke are you getting, Thin blue smoke  TBS, or thick white smoke TWS. 

What flavors are you looking for as far as smoke goes?
Don't want to overpower with smoke like to use cherry maple and apple woods sometime mixed together have not gotten smoker up and running yet but hoping for TBS
Great, keep eye on it, See what it does, If you want less you can wrap it, But I would let it go and see how it turns out. my 2 cents.
I use apply wood only for chicken and my family loves it.  Nice mild wood.  I put smoke for about 2/3 the cook time.  These guys are right about watching it, testing, and take  a bunch of notes.  Its a learning process for sure. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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