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Jan 25, 2007
Hi all, I seem to remember reading that somone came up with a smoke log and listed the link for it, I can't seem to find it. Can somone point me in the right direction??
Thanks for both heads up cajun
I found a different "smoke log" Saturday when bouncing around through many posts. Can't find the post with the Word document attached, but it was posted by SmokeMack (I remember cause I thanked him in my thread about my first smoke on Saturday). I can't upload it - says it's too big. I'll try figuring something out, or if you want I can email it to you.
Jeff, that would be most appriciated, much better than my current smoke log wich is a pile of papers method
Thanks Debi, I just checked it out, tons and tons of great info there including the smoke log!!!! It would be really good to have that put under a sticky or better yet under the download section.. Thanks!!!
i just use a spiral notebook. i put the date, items, what i used for a rub, what i use for a mop, the time i put it in, when i mopped/flipped/whatever, the time i pulled it out. at the bottom i put how it tasted, dry/juicy, nice smoke ring or a sucky one.
Thanks Theresa -

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