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Jun 4, 2007
Whitman, Mass
Hi To Everyone!

Been lurking here for a few days and finally decided to jump in. I'm a transplanted Pole currently living in Massachusetts. My reasons for joining are purely for the extra knowledge which is available here, and which seems to be shared very freely. To give back, my knowledge has been mainly with smoking sausages, and fish. The tools of my trade, have been gas, charcoal, and electric, including some rather unusual "units." My current wants, is to learn as much more as possible, about ribs. Would like to learn to make 'em as good lookin' as some of your pictures. This part of the country is not known for good ribs, time to make my own.

Current Units: Brinkman Electric
: Custom Lineman's Bucket Liner
: New Smoky Mountain 36
Welcome Hank!
You need to hook up with Droopydrawers, another newbie, and talk smoking fish (just NOT bass).
The rib info you seek is here, and a whole lot more. Share what you know.
Hi Hank,
Welcome. This is my second day here and I'm looking forward to learning from everyone else. You are right about this area, not being known for good ribs. Have a great day and enjoy!

Droopydrawers has his manual, hope it helps him out.

Leo, nice to see someone local, need any help, just shout.

Stay dry.
Welcome Hank, Nice to see you on the forum. I hope you will become a regular. Lots of good information from friendly folks on here. Ask questions, share your adventures, and enjoy your time here.

Thank-you all, feel home already.
I promise as soon as the weather improves I'll take some pictures of my old "Bucket" smoker and post them here.
Here's THE Bucket.

Is made from the liner which came off the bucket of an aerial in Utility Bucket Trucks. The liner is made of 1/4 to 5/16 plastic. The dowels were used as shelves and also to hang sausages from. It measures over 4 feet high and 24 X 30 inches rectangular. I used a single LARGE propane burner with a LARGE stainless steel bowl placed on top. I would wrap chunks of wood in HD Foil and place it in the bowl. It worked great for years AS LONG AS THE TEMP STAYED AT 250 or less. Last time it flared up, wood caught fire, and I lost over 20 lbs of sausages, not to mention a slight meltdown. Still use it for large smokes, only if I'm watching it. Bought a Smoky Mountain BUT will look into a 55 gal drum next...........something to do!
Welcome Hank -

That's a unique smoker you got there! Just goes to prove there's no limit to what you can use to smoke in.
Welcome Hank. With all the good people around here, you'll be turning out the best ribs you've ever eaten.......then you'll have the problem of everyone asking you to make ribs for them!
Welcome, Maybe we can be taught some great How to's from you on how to smoke sausages.

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