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SMF Spring 2021 Pennsylvania Gathering


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Looks like a good time hope everyone had a great time

pc farmer

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Here is a pic of the goose. Man it was good. Cooked at higher heat and kept in a cooler till ready to eat. You should have seen the fat running out of it.

Beautiful pond out back. My son said he and his friend that we took along each caught 5 like this.

Here is the beginning of Warren's and my ribs. No finished pics. Forgot.

Veiw of the pond were we had our campers. Nice spot.

Can't forget the wings that Warren made.
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Looks like a very nice place. Great set up

smokin peachey

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Spring 2021 SMF Pennsylvania Round-Up... The Venue.
View attachment 494937
Friday Night dinner had to be prepared, and served in a garage on site due to the 40-60 mile per hour winds in the area. We adapted, and overcame.
View attachment 494938
Ribs for the Great Rib Cook-Off that was held on Saturday. We were still battling 30mph winds that day, so the open cooks were not able to happen. Glad the garages were on site, because that's where we had to cook dinner again to get out of the winds. Farmer and Halfsmoked won, because the judges were local and may or may not have been being nice to me.
View attachment 494939

Dinner was able to be held in the top of the barn without having to risk the roof blowing off. Everyone that attended had a belly full of smoked foods and deserts when they went home.
View attachment 494940
Farmer, slicing up some of his Sirloin Roast... Halfsmoked had his smoked goose next to it. Not too many leftovers by the nights end.
View attachment 494941
The legendary Halfsmoked and his Wife.. GREAT people to have to an event ( and she makes an EXCELLENT orange cream sickle cake).
View attachment 494942 View attachment 494943 View attachment 494944

Overall, it was a great event even though we didn't have the turnout I expected. Everyone went home with a little bit of knowledge gained, and a Great time was had by all. Special thanks to pc farmer pc farmer , his family HalfSmoked HalfSmoked and his wife for helping me with this event, and making it all come together.

Now then, lets get ready for the FALL Round-Up.


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Looks like a great time. Delicious food with friends. Dillon the property and barn are beautiful!

JckDanls 07

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Now how much more fun can you have with your clothes on ??

Everything looks great... the food and the venue ... Glad everybody had a good time ...


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What an amazing place to have the gathering, the food looks so Good. Atmosphere and bbq match made in heaven.


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IH 1026 and his family were great host as already said we had some great food. Yup old dogs can learn new tricks as I have done every little smoking on a kettle. The goose was a tame domestic goose the first for most of us to taste. Taste was not bad. Have never done ribs on a kettle but was a great new experience. We had some great hotdogs, burgers and steak for dinner Friday night. Also some french fries.

For sure was a great place to hold a gathering. The barn is a family heritage as it was IH's grandfathers and his Grandmother is still living.

Thanks again to IH and his family.

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Awesome Pics, Guys!!
Barn looks in Great shape.
Food All Looks outstanding, as do all the people enjoying it.
That "PC Farmer Junior"shows a Pretty "PA Pond Bass".
Congrats to Dillon for hosting a Fantastic Get-Together.
And Thanks for the Pics, Adam & Dillon.


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Spring 2021 SMF Pennsylvania Round-Up...
To sum it up in one word....WOW!! The food looks fantastic, the people all look to be having a great time, but that property is simply breathtaking. What a perfect setting for an event like this. So happy for all of you that it turned out as well as it did. Hopefully with the pandemic seemingly getting under control, or at least it appears to be, people will be more conducive to getting out and enjoying these events. Congrats to the rib cook-off winner(s) also. They all looked great but I want some of that duck :emoji_wink: Man that looks tasty....but everything did.


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