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Small smoker

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by zootalaws, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. zootalaws

    zootalaws Newbie

    I have been looking at building a small smoker.

    There are just the two of us, we live in a Muslim country (so none of our neighbours will be interested in anything we cook - especially if I use the smoker for pork products), and we aren't big meat eaters anyway.

    I am mainly making bacon - a couple or four kilos at a time - and smoking sausages, cheese, salmon, etc. but not into BBQ - what would we do with it? :)

    So I was thinking a mini-build, 2ft square by 4ft high would probably be all the smoker we need.

    The daytime/nighttime temps here are 25C-35C (75F-95F) - it never gets colder than that, even in the middle of the night - so heat loss/conservation isn't really an issue.

    Originally I was going to make it out of plywood, but I have a ton of 3/4" meranti planking just sitting around so I am going to use that. I have found a complete PID setup for about $35 that means I could hot-smoke as well - but am concerned about such a small box.

    Has anyone built such a small unit or seen one? Anything I need to be aware of? 
  2. Hello zoo.  Your smoker is not your problem.  Your outside temps are going to be your worst enemy.  I would suggest you do quite a bit of reading about bacon and such before you start building.  With ambient temps like that you may need some mods.  Just my opinion.  Keep Smokin!