Slab and country style new marinate 321 Q Veiw

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Dec 23, 2012
west central Mo

Well, the pics came out how they came out Finished product. Injected with big Bob's juice, plus williams tickler rub, just a sprinkle or two overnight. Rubbed heavy with same a half hour or better before smoke, just meat on back side. Glazed with Blues Hog the lasrt 30 min. Was one of the best. I know competition stuff but we love it. The more sweet with pork the better.

Finished country style, mixed with some KC Masterpiece because came out dry. Marinated in Dale's overnight. Too long I think. Concetrated stuff and didn't read directions. a friend did this for deer jerky an just put in dehydrater and was awsome. Last pic will show shoulder right out of brine..

After 3 hrs. Raw sugar, agave necter, 3 pats of bacon grease, Tiger sauce. Both sides. I know noyhing new but hey! Look!

Same here

This is taken out of Dale,s. It is soy sauce mainly but other ingredients, garlic and onoin. Guy could make his own, maybe. But yhis was all night and just looked like jerky when pulled out, stiff and all. Next time about 4 hours.. It is frozen now gonna have this week sometime. Enjoy your day!
We do a good marination here in guam for spareribs and chicken and everything else and of course all my chamorro friends think theres is the best but i think mine is lol. Ill give you the recipe. We marinate overnight. I put in the soy sauce, vinegar, A1 and white sugar in and mix it up. Taste test and see if it needs more salty sweet or tangy and add more of the ingredient it needs. Then add the rest and taste and see if its how you like it. Lots of hot for us over here in Guam. I haven't tried this marination for smoking yet but its delicious barbecued over wood.



White sugar


Black pepper

Whole onion


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