skirt steak for dinner

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Original poster
Dec 21, 2014
Petersburg Virginia
Woke up this morning and decided to break out the sous vide after a two year hiatus.

I had a skirt steak in the fridge.

I seasoned it with salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder, and a slight rub of soy and Worcestershire

Vacuum sealed it and sous vide cooked it at 125F for 5 hours

Then I rubbed both sides with butter and seared it on med-high heat on a Lodge cast iron griddle on my stove top.

Now a skirt steak is a tough chewy steak. Good flavor but tough. I have always grilled it on my Weber charcoal grill. This is the first time I sous vide precooked it.

I was hoping it would tenderize it some but I dont think it helped at all.

I'll try it again but for maybe.....24 hours. See if that tenderizes it any.
Ahh, true, real deal fajita meat. I've marinated mine in hot Picante overnight, but haven't cooked SV.  Pulled the meat, and reverse seared it after about an hour smoke:  quite tender that way.  Make sure that you're slicing across the grain, not with it--you may as well chew on rubber bands if you cut with the grain.  Good luck.
I'm surprised that it didn't tenderize it, but I think your right, it needs more cook time.

My SV recipe guide calls for 131 degrees for 12-24 hours for skirt steak.

That's for med/rare & tender.

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