Skirt Steak & Bacon Wrapped Armadillo Eggs (Pics)

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Apr 14, 2013
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Well Matt ( schlotz schlotz ) you asked for it :emoji_laughing: The next cook on the Hy Fyre. Very recently our friend Fred ( Texas Cookin' Texas Cookin' ) posted chicken wrapped Armadillo eggs. I loved the concept but cannot do chicken because of Tracy being allergic to it. I mentioned in his thread that it may be fun to make them with skirt steak. The idea has kinda stuck with me so decided to give them a shot yesterday...and boy am I glad I did!!

4 big jalapenos and the cream cheese.

A pack of my homemade pepper crusted bacon.

Soften the cream cheese and mix in a nice dose of Jeff's Texas rub and minced onion. Messy messy.....

Cut the ends off the jalapenos and clean them out with a very sharp paring knife. Put the cream cheese mix in the jerky cannon and shoot it into the peppers.

The skirt steak.

Pound it out with the meat mallet so it's thinner and a more consistent thickness. Cut it into 4 pieces and season with kosher salt and butcher's grind black pepper.

Roll the steak then the bacon around the peppers and secure with toothpicks. Another dose of pepper just for good measure.

Onto the Hy Fyre. Running charcoal and cherry wood.

Target temp was 300 to crisp the bacon but not torch the rest of the stuff. I'd say this is pretty close. It stayed within a couple degrees of this throughout.

Took about 40 minutes but I really wasn't paying attention to the time. They look done so into the house.

Plated up with some Mexican rice and a nice salad. Out to the patio as usual to eat.

Mmmmm...all that yummy cream cheese mixture.

Sliced shot.

And as always, the obligatory close up shot.

The bacon was slightly crispy, the steak nicely cooked, the cream cheese nice and warm, the jalapenos done exactly as we like them: cooked but still some texture to them. All in all a very tasty meal. Was not the "flavor bomb" I was expecting but a very pleasant and well balanced profile. Needless to say, we enjoyed this dinner and it will go into the rotation to be done again. Thanks Fred for the idea and inspiration. This is a winner!!!

Thanks for dropping in folks. See ya on the next one...whatever it may be.

Yeah, gonna add that to the list to try. Right after Freds way with the chicken! Gret looking meal.

Those look really good and I bet they had a nice combination of flavors! The HF is a keeper!
Oh baby YES! Great idea with the skirt steak Robert. Looks like that temp was a perfect choice to get all three components done correctly. Send some my way 😋
Nice job, Robert. These look great! I may have to try a version of them myself. Thanks for posting the detailed step by step.

Time for a new build Robert , looks like you lost the smoke ring on these,..... lol

No these look very good , and worth a try for sure. All 3 items on the plate would go down very nice.

The closeup shot is picture perfect, and the cream cheese stayed together

I like my veg with just a bit of a crunch also... sorry not my mashed and gravy though.

Nice job Robert

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