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Sirloin Tip Roast

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Imagine this, but I've come accross some conflicting info as I'm searching.
I'm doing a 5# Sirloin tip roast tomorrow in my MES. I would usually smoke this for a little over 2 hours at 225* and pull it at 130* IT maybe a little less. But as I checking things out here, it seems others would let her go 4 hours at 180*. What are the benefits or drawbacks to either? And by the way, I like to serve it hot versus slicing for sandwitches. (Which we most definitely do with the leftovers), if there are any


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Yeah, you run across varied methods for the same cuts of meats and the same intended purpose. The main thing to consider is whether they are questionable practices, or, proven safe and effective methods. 180* is not generally recognized as a safe temperature for this application, while 225* is recognized as safe. There are numerous factors to account for when considering the basic principles in processing a safe, desirable finished product. Some individuals may not be looking at the big picture...I sense that you are one who does.

180* is a marginally effective chamber temp for surface pasteurization of larger cuts of meats. The advantage to a lower chamber temp would be more even cooking between the surface and core of the roast, as well as more time for smoke reaction with the meat due to longer time for exposure with the smoke, and smoke sticks to meat more easily at lower surface temps. Carry-over cooking temps are lower with lower cook chamber temps, therefore, your pulled temp will be closer to actual finished temp.

225* is faster cooking and offers reliable surface pasteurization. There is less time for smoke reaction with the meat, though there is still plenty of time for smoke to do it's thing. There will not be as even of cooking between the surface and core compared to lower cook chamber temps, with more "rainbow effect" near the surface. Carry-over cooking temps are a bit higher @ 225* than they would be at 180*, though it would only be a few degrees.

I don't recall the holding time for a 130* finish for interior pasteurization, but it's rather lengthy. I don't practice it, so I really never concerned myself with it. I never did see any advantage to finishing below 145* I/T...just me. For lower finished temps I tend to keep the smoke chamber dry from start to finish...no water in the pan...this reduces smoke reaction somewhat, but allows the surface of the meat to tighten up and retain more interior moisture. High humidity improves smoke reaction, but if maintained throughout cooking (especially the last 1/2) can be detrimental to retained moisture in the finished product.

Regarding carry-over cooking temps, 225* chamber temps don't make a very large carry-over, even compared to 180*. It's when grilling or roasting at high temps that you will see very large differences between pulling temp and actual finished temp (if you left a probe in while resting and compared the temp at stop of cooking with peak carry-over temp). This is part of the reason for holding the temp for (xxx) minutes to pasteurize the interior when finishing at low I/T. You probably know most, if not all of that, but, just in case...

Hope I didn't raise more questions than I answered...well, if I did, fire away.


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Just a FYI... Intact Inspected Beef is sterile except for the surface. If you don't inject, it don't matter what your IT is. While frozen will break your teeth, anything from Raw to fall apart Well Done, is safe to eat...JJ
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