Short ribs, "Dino" style

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  1. Talked to my buddies at the local butcher's shop today, and had some shorties cut for me, about 6" long. I used to work for them, and knew they have great taste, so I requested whichever ribs they would buy.

    Brought 'em home, and began phase one.

    I first mixed up a simple rub of Chile powder, Garlic Powder, Cayenne, black pepper, and Mustard powder.


    I'm pretty happy with the taste, I like my beef to taste like beef, but I also like heat, so I figure this would bring on the heat without overpowering the rib's taste.

    Then I looked at my haul for the day, here they are untouched, sitting on the cutting board:


    You might see in my crappy, low resolution, pic that there is alot of silverskin on these ribs. Personally, I don't like to chew down silverskin, but I didn't want to sacrifice meat or fat to make them a little more pleasant. I ended up scoring the meat across the silver on a bias, that way it's still there, but in smaller, more manageable pieces:


    From there, I hit 'em with salt, black pepper (yeah, it's in there twice, what can I say, I like pepper) then really worked that rub into there, especially those neat grooves freshly cut into the meat:


    And off into the chill chest overnight. I'll smoke 'em tomorrow.

    Anybody have any suggestions? I'm eager to learn!
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  2. smokinal

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    They sure look good so far, can't wait for the finish!
  3. thanks! 

    Yeah, I can't wait either, but I guess I have to...

    Also, I finally figured out the pics here.
  4. They done yet?,,,, Are they done yet? ,,,,  Done yet????
  5. tjohnson

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    Yea, Done Yet!

    C'mon, lets see the show!!

  6. I'll bet moose eats em all before we get the QView.  I would !!
  7. tyotrain

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    Man O Man them bones look good.. [​IMG]
  8. beer-b-q

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    Looking good so far...
  9. bearcarver

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    Good start Moose !


  10. chef willie

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    Yeah Moose...good start but this thread started 3-9....they gotta be done by now
  11. I think this was a EAT and RUN !

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  12. Looks good so far, but do we have finished shots yet & some details on the smoke?
  13. yeah, I didn't update yesterday, but I took pics!

    So I had some difficulty keeping the temps consistent because it rained inconsistently, so I'd open a draft on the WSM a little more, but then the rains would go away, and the clouds would break some, and then it was too hot, so I'd close up the extra drafts, and the world would cool down and rain more, then I'd open the drafts, so I ended up playing thermal ping-pong, but the WSM stayed exactly where I put it each time.

    As to the procedures:

    I pulled the ribs from the fridge as soon as I got home from work that morning, and let them warm up while I got the hardware together

    So here they are resting in the zip-top bag:


    Here's some oak charcoal with pecan chunks and a handful of broken up whiskey barrel:


    Chimney full of coals, the flames didn't show up in the picture, next time I'll play with the contrast:


    This was also a test of my new charcoal starting device and part-time camp stove, here it is getting the water up to a boil:


    Here they are after four hours on the smoke:


    Close-up on the smoke ring:


    (crappy pic, sorry about that. I've got my camera resolution turned way down to make the pictures upload on a slower connection easier.)

    A brief poser shot:


    Poser shot with a bottle of Anchor Steam. Not my favorite beer, but I was all out of Moose Drool (and no the brew name, and my username are a semi-coincidence, I just think they're cool animals):


    The cross-hatch on the surface of the ribs was almost perfect in this shot.

    There was no sauce or glaze used, and no sugar on the meat, just beef and enough spices to give it all a bite. I was pretty happy with the finished product, though I'm sure it would survive without mustard powder in the future.

    I ate two ribs yesterday while they were hot, and enjoyed them, but today, I used the bones to make a Ramen dish, and sliced up the meat from rib #3 wafer-thin, and served it all up for lunch today. No pics, I didn't think to take them at the time.
  14. thanks for tuning in guys!

    Next time around, if I keep the temp around 215-225, I'm hoping to reduce the shrinkage.
  15. Nice job [​IMG]
  16. Look's like a Home Run!!  Thanks and great job
  17. Yepper.

  18. smokinal

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    Excellent Moose, they look like beef Popsicles!
  19. bearcarver

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    Alright !!!!!!!!

    That was Well Worth the Wait !

    Now I gotta wash down all that popcorn I ate, while waiting!!!     [​IMG]



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