Short ribs, bone in or boneless?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by radio, Sep 9, 2013.

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    Called the market today that cuts all their own meat and asked about the short ribs.  He asked me "bone in, or boneless?"  Didn't know anyone offered boneless short ribs, but here is the clincher!  Boneless $4.99 per pound  Bone in.............$4.99 per pound[​IMG]

    I really wanted some dino bones, but might just go go with boneless dino bones for the same price [​IMG]
  2. sometimes boneless isnt really short grocer sells just some weird pieces of beef and calls them beef country style ribs or boneless short ribs. dino bones are gunna come off your rib roast(prime rib) if im not mistaken. never heard of boneless dino
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    Kinda had me stumped as well.  I talked with the butcher when I picked them (and a nice Brisky) up this afternoon and he said virtually all the meat they get in is boneless and they have to special order anything with bone in and it costs more than boneless,  Something about the processing line in the plant removes bones as standard practice and bone in has to be pulled from the line and handled specially, so the cost goes up.  Not sure I completely understand the logic behind the processing plant removing all the bones, but would guess it has something to do with maximizing profits somehow or other

    Those boneless Dino bones sure look mighty tasty though!  That is one gorgeous 4 pound hunk of meat!  It was close to 10 pounds, but he cut off the best end for me as he is also a smoking fanatic[​IMG]
  4. Oh all smokes up the Will be watching for those views! Hard to find a butcher who actually works with customers. Lost art these days.
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    Just something primal about those big juicy bones sticking out of a piece of meat though[​IMG]

    Most of the time I buy my meat at Harter House markets and they are known for quality meats and an old fashioned meat case where you pick the cut you want.  The butchers will also go in the back and cut something special for you if it isn't in the case.  That's what happened with the short ribs today, plus they had a huge brisket on display and he cut it in half for me.  All their meat is very well trimmed and just looks better than the stuff you see in other stores already in styrofoam trays
  6. now thats what im talkin about...i hate shopping at places like walmart, just a buncha prepackaged nonsene. lucky for me i know a couple places here in OK where i can pick and choose the cuts i want, or if i want a ribeye or porterhouse (or any meat)cut to a certain thickness i can ask and watch him go in the back and hook it up the way i wanted it to.
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    I like them bone in.  Just like they were originally made by the animal!

    Good luck and good smoking.

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