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Dec 25, 2010
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This was my first time at the SFG but i have been to the NFG 3X and the NCG 2x

Here are some pics i took in no special order and i will try to say who made what. Sorry i did not get pics of everything.

Our resident buddy to all.

Fresh pork skins

Serious knife sharpening skills being done. My fingers would be gone.

Sponsors Amazen smokers and Bags Unlimited.

Smoked ham

I been to many BBQ gatherings, sanctioned and non sanctioned, many bbq joints and when i have been asked whats the best brisket i have had i have said at Proud Marys in Richmond, KY. Not anymore. Jarjarchef made the best brisket i have had, just the right amount of smoke, tender and juicy. It was AWESOME and did not last long.

Thanks everyone for making some really good BBQ and fixins. We will be back next year.
Thank You for the kind words.

I put the front portion of the flat in a Sous Vide water bath for 45hrs @ 135F and then 3hrs in smoke @ 250 with Oak Chunks from my yard and charcoal.

Unfortunately I can not share the rub recipe due to it being a gift from a peer I work with. It is her dad's recipe and he allowed her to share it with me.
Looks like a great time and thanks for the pics!
What happened to the sliced apples?
Sliced apples got fried and didnt last long. I was to busy stuffing my face to take lots of pics.
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