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Discussion in 'Pork' started by lama1, Jun 16, 2014.

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    Past smoke experience limited to Pork Butts and Chicken. Am ready now to try something new.

    I'm using 30" Masterbuilt with AMNPS. Intend to use hickory pellets. (Unless otherwise advised)  Want to do a slab of Baby Backs along with a 1 pound link of Italian pork sausage. Plan is to set temp to 225 degrees for two hours then add sausage for addl. 2 hours.

    Comments and or advice from a few old pros will be appreciated. Like what should go on top, and does time sound about right.

    Since my wife has to eat it, she'll really appreciate advice.
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    This is my favorite set of Baby Backs done in an Easy to follow Step by Step.

    It might be of some help to you:

    Baby Back Ribs

    BTW: I usually use 100% Hickory pellets, but I added a little Apple to these.

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  3. Hi Lama1 , I have a simple method that works pretty well for baby backs. I cut the slabs in half(usually 6 bones per half slab), double wrap in aluminum foil with the top opened a small amount, I pour 1/2 cup apple juice in each slab and put them on the grill @ 250 degrees for 1 hour. I then take them off the grill, remove the foil and lightly rub them and back on the grill (bone side down) for another hour. When the meat starts to shrink back from the end of the rib bone they are ready for the sauce to be slopped on ,the apple juice sweetens the pork and the ribs actually cook in their own juice with this method..
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    2-2-1 for baby backs.  2 hours in smoke, 2 hours in foil with some good stuff like butter, apple juice, honey, brown sugar, some additional rub, etc. When you wrap, make sure you put the meat side down in the foil.  Then an hour back on the smoker to glaze and tighten back up because the foiling will have them pretty tender.  User the bend test to see if they are done or use a toothpick.  The 2-2-1 is more of a guideline as some ribs can cook faster and some slower.  Usually wrap after you have the color you want on your ribs.

    For sausage, 2 hours at 225 should be good.  If your sausage is pork, you can cook to 145-155.  You can then put them in an ice water bath after they are done as this will stop the cooking and they won't wrinkle up.

    I would start with the baby backs, and then when you wrap them, you can drop them down a grate and then put your sausage on top.

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