Second time on the love er I mean the foil boat.

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Jul 15, 2022
I cooked for a small gathering tonight and another wow brisket. This was my second time to use the foil boat method and I am just amazed at the finished product. This was the most tender and juicy brisket to date. It was just perfect and this was the best flat I have ever cooked. We had sliced brisket sandwiches on homemade brioche buns. I took two buns recipes I like and used different parts of each one and it produced the perfect bun. We were eating at someone else’s house and we were late so I did not get picks of the sandwiches. But since I knew I would be cooking a while today I made a batch of smoked kielbasa and cheese sausage to smoke as well. I smoked the brisket with cherry until the temp was 180 and then put it in a foil boat. At the 12 hour mark the thermometer was sliding in like butter and temp was 200. Put it in the oven to rest 1 hour then turned the oven on 170 and let it rest for an additional 3 hours until I cut it, and it was amazing.


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Dec 1, 2019
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Perfecto! I bet next-up will be hot holding your brisket for 10 hours?
And just a reminder, the covered boat method is an option for ribs. When the time is right, roll some peach paper in with the foil for a tender step, then remove the paper and turn the ribs to re-set the bark.

Also Boating your beefy onions is killer.
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