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Second Smoke on New MES 30" electric "Pro Series"- Big Temp Swings


Joined Jan 26, 2014
Coldest Christmas in South Florida for many years with High Temp at only 50 degrees, my second smoke on the new MES 30 Inch electric had 35 degree temp swings. I was doing my first Rib Roast and while it tracked the usual 5 hours to 140 IT at setting of 230 on the MES, the Inkbird showed lows of 207 and highs to 250 as i fiddled with the settings on MES. That may be my fault as I did not do the BEARCARVER initialize run at first heating. That said, I also did not use the water tray or the chip tray. Could that have disrupted the heating coil activity leaving those out? I used my Popcorn Tin smoke generator and it worked just fine. Perhaps it was the wind and air temp as I believe this is the first time I have smoked at less than 70 degrees in our normally warm climate.

Any Thoughts or comments?

IMG_0218 (2).JPG
IMG_0221 (2).JPG
IMG_0225 (2).JPG

IMG_0229 (2).JPG

Kevin DeShazo

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Looks good from here. How did the first cook go?

Could of been the wind issue. MES does sell a blanket, that may help w the colder temps and wind. Think I just saw it on sale on BPS and Cabelas website. Or at least a wind break.
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Roast looks like it turned out good! I think the temp swings are known for the mes. Not sure of your model if it's insulated and if it's sealed up well around the door



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I wouldn't add water to the mes there is enough moisture in there, temps will drop some when ya put cold meat in but mine recovers pretty quick, did you open the door to take a peak. Your outside temps aren't that cold I run mine when it's in the teens but mine is out of the wind.


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Thanks JLeonard, Broken and Kevin. It was very good. I did not see anyone using a knife to eat it last night!. I ordered the blanket today on closeout from MB. And I understand from other's comments Jim, to pass on the water. In my old one (I did save the old water pan which is much bigger than the new one) I always used it until I read too many posts saying to pass on it.

I was wondering if keeping it out had anything to do with buffering the heating element and causing the swings. I will try a few other ideas such as Bear's deflector tip and the initial heating tempering. Looking forward to another $5.99 Rib Roast to throw on with all the other pork smokes I mostly do. I had 2 pounds of meat left that went into the vacuum bag and the freezer. Great eats and great value!

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