Second attempt at whole chickens - first with Qview

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Jul 29, 2008
Central Indiana
So over the Christmas holidays I smoked a whole chieck for the first time, well, I should say smoked until it got to about 140 then switched to the oven due to weather conditions.  It was outstanding so I though I have to do that again.  Last week I was walking through Sam's and came across the twin pack of whole chickens redeuced for quick sale - paid 8.90 for 2 birds.  I though what the heck it will be in the lower 30's should be good enough.

Prepped brine - (Tip's Slaughterhouse brine)

One bird in and bathing the other waiting on his bath.


After brining, I rubbed them with a bit of my rib rub sans the sugar.   Trussed them up a bit tossed them in the smoker (I was only able to get the smoker up to about 300, was hoping for 325) over hickory and Apple.  You can't see the truss in this shot as I trussed them about an hour in.


Also about an hour in I threw a few bacon slices on top of the breast to help with moisture.

Here we are all done and cooling off a bit.


One of the plates for the kiddies


One chicken - demolished.

2nd chicken - pulled, vacuum sealed and frozen for later use.  I'm thinking chicken and noodles are in my future....

This was a great meal, the chicken was moist and tender.  Unfortunately there wasnt as much smokiness as I would have liked.  I had some issues with "white smoke", but I tried something new.  This time I made a packet of chips and put the packet in the chip pan with the lid on it and I still had some white smoke.  I did that because I was thinking I needed to limit air hitting the chips beccasue of the wind... Oh well back to the drawring board on that.  Also they took a bit longer to get done (about 3.5 hours). I had figured 3...

At any rate they turned out good and I'll definitely be doing these again..

Thanks for looking.
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