Seasoning a grill

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Apr 17, 2020
New to pellet grills not sure this is right place to ask. Got a new zGrill 702c. Actually it’s the Menards 706 typhone which I believe is the 702c. Question should I season it before first use. If so how treat the pellet box as inn sure it doesn’t heat up that hot. Or is it not really needed.
Thank you
And Merry Christmas
I’m new to pellet grills too.
I just ran mine for a few hours at around 350 to burn off any manufacturing oils.
Then I smoked something almost every day for a couple of weeks.
The smoker built up a nice interior coating, and each time I smoked something in it, it got better.
So I would suggest you smoke something low & slow for a long smoke to really season your grill right off the bat.
An all night butt smoke would do it for sure!
I have a Traeger and did what Al did, but at 400 for a few hours. Just make sure all plastic are out! Then as you cook it gets more seasoned. Not any different than previous advice. You just want to get any packing chemicals/oils to get burned off first. For the pellet box you shouldn’t have to worry. Hopefully the design keeps the pellets insulated,If not it’s a pretty poor design! Have fun!
Wash the the racks while you let the smoker purify its self with heat and smoke for a couple hours, hope it treats you as well as my pitboss has me, Merry Christmas
Good advice above! Best is just to use it as it will just get better for you. Enjoy your new toy and Merry Christmas! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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