Saying Thanks To Dr. Flo: Smoked Beef Tenderloin (Heavy Q-View)

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Robert you did an other very fine meal , and it is good to have friends like that . And if that is what she will take for helping you. You did it right.
I could go for an end cut on the tenderloin for sure. And of coarse the rolls. Love the potatoes .... but I really love doing up potatoes.

Now the Tiramisu... would help my sweet tooth for sure.

Well done Robert

I’ve been on and off the grid the last couple weeks and didn’t see you had a mishap. Sorry to hear that and I hope you’re on the mend. I’m glad to hear you had some world-class help at your side watching out for you.

All that and another amazing meal!
Wow Robert, another great meal! The color you get on the meat is amazing. Your creativity with the potato dishes really shows. Glad you're on the mend.
Fantastic looking meal there Robert!
Nothing like having your own personal Physician!
Glad you on the mend!
That’s a picture perfect tenderloin and a wonderful treat for Dr Flo, Robert. The whole meal looks outstanding! And I absolutely love tiramisu, one of my all time favorite desserts.
Nicely done!
Fantastic looking meal Robert. The color of the meat on the sliced shot says it all.

Point for sure
Robert you just keep absolutely killing it with fantastic looking meals.
That first pic of that tenderloin sliced up is pure food porn.:emoji_flushed:
Gets my juices g... Um?... Gets me salivating.

You and the Missus are very gracious people and have wonderful ways of saying thank you.

Always nice to have friends with benefits... LOL!
Doctors, lawyers, hunting properties, fishing boats and whatnot.
I miss my Doctor buddy from church, I was able to get the same kind of medical overwatch as you when I really needed it.
As some of you know, I had a mishap at work a couple weeks ago that turned out to be a lot more serious than I'd anticipated it would. I met Dr. Flo and her husband Jim about 15 years ago when I got the honor of building their new home after they decided to relocate from NYC to the north Austin area. We spent a lot of time together during the build process and got to be good friends. That friendship has continued since then. When the accident first happened I reached out to her for guidance and a prescription for antibiotics. After the trip to the ER the next morning at her direction, she was not overly pleased with the stuff the ER doc prescribed so she sent in a script for additional meds. She also demanded daily updates along with progress pics of the infection. I gave her our insurance info but she refused to bill for her time and effort. It only seemed to be the right thing to say "thank you" for all she did by doing the only thing I know how to do: cook her and Jim a nice meal. It doesn't get much nicer than CPB tenderloin roast so went that direction with some really good side dishes.

The roast. Just shy of 2 pounds.
View attachment 638538

Seasoned with Worcestershire sauce, kosher salt, and a good coating of black pepper
View attachment 638539

Did a cheesy jalapeno smashed potato casserole. Tracy wanted twice baked potatoes so this is sort of a spoof on that.
View attachment 638540

Cheese mixed into the taters but decided that more was in order
View attachment 638541

Made a cool, refreshing, and really tasty Greek zucchini salad
View attachment 638542

Basic appetizer plate with a couple of homemade sausages, smoked Gouda, and club crackers
View attachment 638543

Roast on the smoker at 3:00 at 245 and running cherry wood
View attachment 638544

Hard to see with the breeze but got some nice TBS going
View attachment 638545

Made some of our beloved sour cream and onion rolls. After the 3rd proof and ready to be baked
View attachment 638548

Cooked on the grill. Took about 15 minutes at 375 +/-
View attachment 638549

After 40 minutes I dropped the smoker temp to 180. Here we are an hour in
View attachment 638546

Some folks enjoying the pool. Somebody else has to cook
View attachment 638550

Time to put the potato casserole on the grill
View attachment 638551

Tracy got the dining room all dolled up. Too freakin' hot to eat outside
View attachment 638552

Roast done. Pulled it at 128.
View attachment 638553

All sliced up. Oh my goodness!!
View attachment 638554

The whole spread. Simple, basic, and not a lot of offerings but it was all very good
View attachment 638555

My first plate
View attachment 638556

Beef nirvana!!
View attachment 638557

Dr. Flo brought a Tiramisu for dessert
View attachment 638558

Sliced, drizzled with espresso, and served. The perfect culmination to an outstanding meal
View attachment 638559

Anytime you have good friends that is a blessing. To have friends like Jim and Dr. Flo is a true Godsend. It was an honor to prepare and serve them what both said was the best meal they have ever had. Personally I think they were more referencing the tenderloin itself but the sides were very good and complimented the meat perfectly. We've done the rolls many times and they are a staple. The salad was another shoot from the hip creation but it was outstanding. Now Flo wants me to write down the recipe. Huh? There isn't one :emoji_laughing: I've done a similar potato casserole before but took it to a new level this time and it's a keeper for sure. Oh well, it doesn't come close to all she did to help me through what could have been a very serious issue, but it's all she would accept.

Gonna call this one a wrap. Been a long thread but I felt it was worth the time to put it all on paper. Y'all take care and see everybody soon.

Man that is some kind of good ole Austin Texas hospitality ! All I can say is 5 STARS ! And congrats on taking the time out to pay tribute to your friends. More folks should do that.

HT in New Braunfels, TX
Finally getting a few minutes to start saying thank you to all the great folks who have replied to this thread.
Fantastic looking spread as usual, Robert.
Very much appreciate it Doug. It came out pretty well.
That's one of the best ways to thank someone, Robert! Man, that's an expertly prepared feast.
Thanks for the kind words Matt. One of the things I've learned about Jim and Flo is that they do enjoy and appreciate a nice meal. This was the best I could do for them.
Heck of a story and a very nice gesture on your part. That plate shot is money. Looks so delicious. Very nice work.
Thank you sir. Hard to believe it's been that long we've been friends. The plated shot is what actually prompted me to post this. Being as basic as it was, I wasn't really planning to post till I saw that plate :emoji_wink:

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Man when things look that good you dont need a lot of variety in a meal. All done perfectly to the eye. And that dessert.....A perfect ender to a great meal.
I guess you have a good point Jim. A couple things done well are better than a bunch of things half-baked....and you're right. The Tiramisu was perfect. Never had one till a few dinners back with Dr. Flo when she brought one, and I fell in love.
Oh man Robert! That is a awesome looking meal! The roast looks perfect.
Thanks my friend but you could have had that meal if you'd accepted my invitation to crash your party a week and a half from now :emoji_laughing:
Meal looks fantastic Robert, great way to show your thanks
Thanks Jim. It was the very least I could do for her / them.

That tenderloin screams perfection on a plate Robert, I'd imagine Dr Flo was pretty darned thrilled with the entire meal, fantastic piece of work!
Thank you my friend!! The kind words mean a lot and both Flo and Jim seemed happy. There was nothing left...and I mean nothing but a small dollop of the taters. Folks just kept going back for more.
Wonderful post Robert, loved everything about it!
Thank you Colin. Every once in a while one comes along that's worth sharing with y'all.
Fanfriggintastic! Awesome plate! I love it all! Way to take care of the Doc.
Thanks so much Keith!! Seeing some of the amazing stuff you post, especially for the firehouse guys, that means a lot.

The perfect color you always get on the beef is mouth watering. Another top notch job done with perfect detail.
Very much appreciate it Cliff. Finding the perfect technique for cooking the roasts like that was by pure accident. I've stuck with it though :emoji_wink:
I’m just going to go ahead and crown you king of the tenderloin! You always nail them right on the money. Geez, she’s prolly hoping you step on another nail ASAP!! Lol!
Thanks Jeff but I'd serve her a dozen of these if it meant NOT having to step on another nail :emoji_laughing:
Another mighty fine meal.
The kind words are appreciated Steve. Thank you.

Very much appreciate it Cliff. Finding the perfect technique for cooking the roasts like that was by pure accident. I've stuck with it though :emoji_wink:

Thanks Jeff but I'd serve her a dozen of these if it meant NOT having to step on another nail :emoji_laughing:

The kind words are appreciated Steve. Thank you.

All I can is like... all the other say is "DITTO" for a great meal.
I cook my venison back strap the same way.
Finally getting a few minutes to address all of your great comments. Crazy week!!
Great meal and glad you healed up. Best thanks there is I think. I have yet to make those rolls.
Thanks Brian!! Appreciate it my friend. now get busy and make those rolls. don't forget to add another tablespoon or so of minced onion to the mix when you put it all together.
Robert, very nice meal and glad your hear you foot is allowing you to function again!

The TL looks yummy!
Very much appreciate it, both the kind words about the meal and the well-wishes.
You do have some really considerate friends! After a meal like that I would be waddling down the hall for a nap.
Yes sir we do and are very blessed to have them. Truth be told, we were too stuffed to even waddle though. there was nothing left.

What a great way to show your appreciation!
And a fantastic meal cooked to perfection for sure! Great post and a great job Robert !
Thanks so much Keith. This one was fun and it had a good purpose behind it.
Simply awesome!

Lost for words.

I need my P.P.
Very much appreciate it Justin. I hope you find your P.P. After all these years if you haven't found it, I'm wishing you all the best :emoji_laughing:
As always the food looks great but the pool makes me jealous.
Thank you Brian. Come on down. got plenty of time left in Summer to enjoy the pool and lots of meat in the freezers. We could have a good time.

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