Saving your best bits from the site.

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Oct 27, 2013
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Hi to all, I read a lot of the post on here, including receipts and how to, but it's hard to remember where they are and by who. Would it be possible to have a private file/scrap book that you could put your favorite post and receipts in.

Just a thought!

Smokin Monkey
Yes. I use Evernote, but there are many applications that work. With evernote I can clip the whole page, just a recipe or anything in between, I believe it's still free.
Hi my original idea was to be able to save discussions etc with in the forum pages like you save members to follow.

Since posting this, I have looked on the App Store and come up with Get The Link App, you can make folders like "Smoking Meat Forum" copy the URL'S from your favorite posts and paste it into the folder, then any up dates made to the post are automatically their! you can even give the entry it's own name, like "BearCarvers Step By Step Boston Butt"

Still, would be good to include it in the forum, but server space to do this, I imagine would be huge!

Smokin Monkey
You can also subscribe to threads here and choose "site only".  Then go back to your subscriptions and all your favorite threads are right there.
I go with the cut and paste to Word method. When I'm in a hurry, I'll bookmark the page and go back later and copy the recipes that I want to a Word doc.

I've filled up the biggest part of a 2 inch thick 3-ring binder with recipes from this site.
I created a website "SQWIB Cooks" and post on My website first then tweak, then post here.

As far as recipes and stuff I want to try at a later date, I post (copy/paste) on a special page on my website called "SQWIBS Test Kitchen" after I have tried the recipe, I delete it from the test page and write an article on the website then post on the forums and offer accolades to whomever I got the recipe or idea from, this is also noted on the website.

All the photos are hosted via Flickr (they host full resolution) And I have actually talked to my wife about keeping my accounts active after my demise so all is not lost. yeah I know, I'm NUTS!!

Videos are hosted on "You tube" and I will use "Vimeo" if "You tube" shoots the video down due to copyright infringement.

All this works well for me because I can pull up my site when working on a recipe on my phone or shopping for a recipe or email/text a link to someone that wants to try a recipe or method.

I do use evernote also for shopping when working on a recipe or doing an event, I will mark the evernote document so it shows up on the evernote widget  that is on the homepage on my phone.

Dropbox is also a great resource, I will snap a pic here and there...mostly prices and build ideas and it syncs with my computer.

I also have a recipe folder on Google Drive that is setup to share so anyone on the share list can add/edit recipes.

I also make an HTML document for each post to post on other sites I frequent!

I try to steer clear of MS Word and prefer Open Office (free)

I do the same for projects, camping, backpacking, fishkeeping, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts etc...... it keeps me organized and I can share with anyone what I am doing and how I did it!!

Blogging is great also!
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Hi Sqwib, what a great idea, your Web Site. Just viewed it, love the Step By Step on your Smoker Build! Also checked out some of your Recipes. Will be viewing them in more detail for some ideas!

Might look a putting a website up, as I have unlimited web site hosting.

Once again, thanks for the ideas.

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