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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by bobdog46, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. I am in the market for a sausage stuffer. I have done some on line research and I am leaning toward the Weston 5lb manual vertical stuffer.  Does anybody have this unit or have any recomendations? 


  2. shoneyboy

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  3. smokinal

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    I have an LEM, it has metal gears.
  4. fpnmf

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  5. scarbelly

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    I also have an LEM but do agree with Craig. Even if you did break a plastic gear you can order a replacement gear from LEM that fits the Northern Stuffer
  6. shooterrick

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    Northern Tool has great stuffers and I believe if the nylon gears do break usually from overtravel by the operator, metal replacement gears are available. 
  7. fpnmf

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    >>>>>>As a life long mechanic I remember the famous saying..."Dont put 500 foot pounds on a quarter inch fastener"

    If ya stop when it hits bottom it wont break...simple..

  8. roller

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    I have a Grizzly and it has plastic gears no problems here...
  9. africanmeat

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     I work with a LEM it got a metal gear and it works like a dream[​IMG]
  10. bmudd14474

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    Cabelas has a11lb inspire for 149.99 right now

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  11. rbranstner

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     I was worried about the nylon gears as well but everyone on here put that worry to rest. I can't wait to buy mine. Order it up from Northern Tool before the sale runs out.
  12. fpnmf

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    Get some food grade slicone spray. I got the LEM and have been known to use canola cooking spray.

    I lube the gears and threaded parts before and during stuffing (each refill).

    And after cleaning.


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