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  1. I'd like to obtain some recommendations for a smoker that would be primarily used for smoking sausages and therefore have a capabilities to fo down to 150-160 degree. Any advice would be great
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    A few questions came to my mind that I think you should toss around a bit before your pursuit of a smoker can really continue much further, as you're probably wanting to get the most bang (or in this case, smoke) for your buck:

    1. What range of capacity are you looking at for batch sizes? 10-20lb, 50-100lb(+) or somewhere between?

    2. Will your sausages be full-length 24" sticks, looped links such as country style sausages and ring bologna; large casings such as bologna; small casings such as snack-sticks or hot dogs? Will you expand on the types of sausages you want to make, as so many do? How will your smoker work out for these and what internal configuration(s) will you need for ease of use?

    3. Home-built, modified fridge/freezer (or other type of cabinet) or main-stream manufactured? (there are tons of fridge/freezers mods/builds out there of rather high capacity for cold smoking)

    4. If main-stream manufactured, what accessories would you like to have readily available, such as sausage rods, hooks, Lazy-Susan (over-head hanger)?

    5. Can your desired accessories be purchased through a third-party/after-market supplier that can be fitted to your smoker, or can you manufacture them yourself?

    6. Will your smoker be strictly for sausages (wide or narrow range of types), or is it possible that you may desire it to be multipurpose (cheese, fish, cured chickens and/or turkeys, cured hams, spices, peppercorns, salts, or hot smoking meats) in the future?

    7. What is your preferred heat source and how would you like to control it?

    I'm sure I've just scratched the surface here, and just to get your sausage smoking off to a good start I wanted you to think of exactly what you will be wanting from your smoker before you start trying to figure out which one to go with...otherwise it's a bit of a crap-shoot. Surely there will be much more to your smoking than you may think you'll do right happens to all of us...[​IMG] I do far more hot smoking than cold, so I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum, but it really did get me thinking (again) of all the possibilities, and, for those of us who are willing to explore, that list is literally endless.

    Once you're relatively certain what you want to smoke, then it's time to look for your smoker that will fit those needs best. If you get it right the first time around, you'll be busy smoking instead of regretting your decision to just jump in blindly. If it sounds like I'm speaking from, yeah, then in this case sounds are not deceiving. Little mistakes or poorly thought out decisions are easier to work around, given enough time and determination...the big ones (when you completely missed the target) can tend to sting for a while longer.

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    You came to the right place for help. There are guys here that smoke anywhere from 5 to 100lbs or more, at a time but the smokers are very different. Virtually any smoker will smoke at 150-160°F but do you want Set and Forget or do you have time and desire to play with fire. What's your budget? Definitely could use some more info...JJ
  4. Thank you for a replay. I'm in canada and looking to smoke both dry sausages such as csabai sausage , chorizo as well as polish sausages, summer sausages etc. I don't think I will be needing the smoker for large quantity, guessing max 10-15lb at the time. Would like the electric smoker as I like the idea of set it and forget it. Importance is to find the smoker that goes down to about 140C and can go up to about 250C (for meat such as pulled pork, brisket). Also taste is important so i'd be open to charcoal. I heave heard a good thinks about gravity feed smokers but I know they are expensive and I'm not sure if the taste of the sausages might be too strong with charcoal. I'd be open to used smoker as well if anyone is selling it, but unfortunately don't have a capabilities to make home smoker so it will have to be store bought

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated

    thanks in advance
  5. I do have traeger pellet smoker but I'm not certain if the temp can go low for smoking sausages
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    MES 30 or 40,,,with amps and maybe the Maibox mod if you want ,,,

    Merry Christmas and happy new yr 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker

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    The MES40 will handle what you wish to do. The AMNPS is a necessary addition. The unit with Bluetooth is the current fav among owners...JJ
  8. any idea where to buy it in canada so i don't have to pay a crazy shipping cost?
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    Where in Canada are you?
  10. ottawa
  11. ak1

    ak1 Master of the Pit OTBS Member and free shipping.
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    Solid price on that MES40. I think that is the standard Amazon price in the states...but with conversion right now we get screwed. You will definitely want an easy control smoker if you want to go through winter in Ottawa. I use a Weber smoky mountain, but I'm in Vancouver and it gets below 0 probably 15-20 days a year.
  13. [​IMG]

    With the Mes #30 , Mes #40 and a propane smoker you add in a smoke generator and the mail box mod you have complete versatility for any smoke almost any time of year. However any one of mine will do everything my others do I just have to work with them differently

    keep On Smokin,


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